The black backpack

One night last week, I was sitting alone at home, trying to get some work done and generally getting stressed. It’s always like that with me and stress. It comes whenever I have something important to do and manifests itself in several irrelevant ways. That night, it did in stomach cramps and online shopping.

Until now, I’ve been using an Ikea backpack and while I love how comfortable it is to carry a significant amount of heavy stuff in it, I hate the way it looks. I actually feel the same about most backpacks. They’re too sporty for my style and way too unisex. So I decided it was time to replace it with an equally practical, but more stylish one. I had been looking for this kind of backpack for a while now, online and in stores, but couldn’t find anything I liked. Until I saw this one…


Image from Sincerely Jules.

A nice black leather backpack that looks luxurious! You can’t call it a bargain at $1100, but I liked the style, so that was progress. That night I decided, right then and there, to find a good alternative, buy it and then get back to work.* I was surprised with how many great options I could find. It turns out stylish backpack are in fashion. Here’s where that search got me (considering that I wanted a good quality backpack that can carry a lot of weight and is spacious enough for a 13′ laptop, my lunch and possible a pair of shoes), just in case you are looking for a similar one yourself.


Mat & Nat CoachSANDQVISTEbay3.1 Phillip LimMCM

Some of them are quite expensive, like the 3.1 Philip Lim one and the MCM, but the rest is middle priced. I ended up buying the Mat&Nat one and then finished all the work I had to do and everything went back to normal. My backpack arrived yesterday and I am so happy with it. It fits my 13′ Macbook Air, my gym clothes, a bottle of water and my lunch and it’s way lighter than the Ikea backpack. How do you feel about backpacks? Is there a more stylish way to carry my computer to work and back (4 kilometers total)?

* We’re talking about serious procrastination issues here. It’s one thing to clean the house before doing any work, but online shopping?

City bikes


In Trondheim, as well as in Oslo and Drammen, it is possible to buy a season card that allows you to use the city bikes. There are several stations around the city and the only thing you have to do is check out a bike from one station and return it to any station within 3 hours.


I’ve been wanting to buy a bike since the first day I moved to Trondheim, but I couldn’t make myself spend the money with all the horror stories I’ve heard. From stolen bikes to stolen wheels or bike seats my friends have had it all.


This service is absolutely perfect for someone like me who doesn’t own a bike or for someone who visits the city for a shorter period of time. It’s really cheap and you skip all the time and money to maintain and care for the bike.


City bikes are now available in many other cities around the world and I would love to use them as a tourist. Have you tried them?


My morning routine


I wake up at: 7.30, unless I am going for a run in the morning in which case I wake up around 6.45.

The first thing I do when I wake up is: snooze my alarm clock.

The next thing I do when I wake up is: checking my mail, blogloving, instagram and pinterest.

When I finally get out bed I: wash my face (with NIVEA Visage Purifying Wash Gel) and my teeth. I put on my face cream (Hydrance Optimale Rich Hydrating Cream from Avène), eye cream (Advanced Marine Biology Eye Gel from La Prairie) and some lip balm.

My favorite morning make-up is: a light foundation (True Match Liquid Foundation N5 Nude Sand from L’OREAL), some powder (Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Medium from MAC), a little bit of mascara (High Impact Mascara in Black from Clinique) and some blush. If my eyes are looking tired, I use concealer  (Line Smoothing Concealer in Light from Clinique). However, I don’t wear make-up every day at work.

My favorite perfume right now is: Flowebomb from Viktor&Rolf. I am also trying several perfumes from the Perfume&Soap in Greece.

What I usually wear at work is: jeans and Nike running shoes, since I walk to work and back. Occasionally, I might wear a dress or a skirt, but nothing beats the comfort of my jeans.

I like to have my hair: in a fishtail braid or in a ponytail (messy or not).

When I get to the kitchen I usually put together for breakfast: a bowl of fresh fruit with yogurt and homemade granola. I also drink a coffee.

While I eat breakfast, I: either read the news or post something on the blog.

The time it takes me to get out the door usually is: 45 minutes.

How does your morning routine looks like?

Happy Monday!

ps. My older make-up favorites.

Rooftop pool

This is the last post from this summer. It was one of my first days in Athens back in July when a friend invited me to spend a day at the pool of the President hotel. I had been there before, but only for drinks and a jazz concert, so I really wanted to try it. Swimming with that view was incredible. The hotel provided everything we needed and then some. They offered fresh fruit and we ordered some iced coffee. That’s the good life!

ps. I really love the dress I was wearing that day (and many more days this summer).


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