Blogging series: My writing routine

Today, we’ll talk about the process that goes on to make a post out of an idea. Here are the most important steps that happen behind each of Another House Blog’s 667 posts.


Get an idea.

When it comes to writing a post it all starts with the idea, what to write about. I have a running list of ideas and a blog plan with what should be posted when. Sometimes I go according to my plan, sometimes I wing it. Later on, I’ll let you know about my top 10 writing prompts to get you through writer’s block.

Edit the photos.

Once I have the idea. I start with the photos. I edit everything on Photoshop, decide on what photos will be used and upload them on a new post. I save these photos on a specific folder and delete the rest that won’t be used. I don’t want to keep everything, so I’m very strict with my edits. Next week I’ll talk more about that.

Write the text.

When all photos are there, it’s time to write something. Most of the time I keep it short and concise. Some other times, less often, I write longer texts. I keep all of my drafts in WordPress. I usually try to sit down and write a post from start to finish and very rarely leave it half-written. If there’s a story to be told, then I have to finish it, or I know it’ll never get posted. So there may be time between each of the steps mentioned here, maybe even weeks between them, but the writing part has to be finished in one go.

Decide on a title.

Tha last part of the process is to find a nice title. I’m not always the smartest about it. There are definitely more SEO friendly and click-bait friendly titles, but I don’t necessary like them. There’s always a compromise.

From start to finish, each post takes an average of 1,5 hour of dedicated work, which is a crazy amount. It looks easy and effortless, but it’s very time-consuming. I’m very curious to know, how is your writing process?

ps. Topics from previous blogging series:

…and a preview of what’s included this year:

  • Why I blog
  • My writing routine
  • My experience with self-hosting
  • My favourite Photoshop Actions and tools
  • My top 10 writing prompts

Jamie’s crispy parma pork

This was one of the fastest Jamie’s recipes I’ve tried from his cookbook. Still not 15 minutes, but it was around 30, which is great for my after-work hunger.


This recipe has pork fillets wrapped with parma ham (which I stupidly forgot to buy, shit happens) and served with squash and rice.


I liked the way the pork was cooked (even though I forgot the ham). Squash and rice were complimenting the pork nicely, but there was nothing too fancy about this dish. I found it a bit too boring, but I will give it another try with the ham, to see if it’ll make things more interesting.


Will I make this again? I’ll give it another chance, yes.


Shoe storage

I wrote this post to lure my mother to come and visit me in Norway. My mother is the shoe storage queen. If there’s a nice shoe storage system around, she knows all about it (and she may have already bought it). She’ll definitely love mine. Mom, tune in!


The system I use is a very simple one.

  • I bought some clear plastic foldable shoe boxes (on 70% off) in two sizes (large for my boots and small for the rest of my shoes).
  • I stacked them on top of each other and filled them with my nicest shoes. I keep my running shoes out because they’re way too dirty and I like to have them easily available.
  • I used two of the boxes to store my tights, socks and other shoe accessories.

And that’s it! Mom, what do you think?

Blogging series: Why I blog

Like every spring I like to host a blogging series that covers technical blogging topics, but also some more personal posts filled that will hopefully inspire you. This year, I’ll kick off the series with a post about the reasons I blog. Every once in a while, I think about closing this blog, but then I never actually do it. There is something that keeps me coming back, taking photos and writing posts. Here’s why I blog.


Writing makes me happy

When it comes down to it, I love sitting down in front of my laptop, forget about anything and write down. This process on its own makes me extremely happy. Writing down the things that make me happy got me through tough times and put a smile on my face when all I wanted was to quit everything.

A look into the past

It’s so nice to come back to read what I was up to 5 years ago. Oh, how much has changed! How much I’ve grown. When I first started the blog, I wasn’t nearly as independent, I didn’t know how to cook and for some strange reason I was so scared of change.  Now I’ve proved to myself that I can survive on my own, I’ve learned how to create beautiful dishes, I’ve nurtured a beautiful body, I became a decent photographer and I learned to accept things (and change). There’s still a long way to go and I’m not done growing. This blog makes me take notice of all that in a very nice way.

A plan for the future

If you ask my friends, some will tell you that there are some things I just do for the blog. While that’s not entirely true, I do plan things that would be interesting to post about. Especially when it comes to traveling, I love to explore new places and show you all about them. In a way the blog pushes me to do things that I might otherwise pass on.

Do you have a blog? What keeps you blogging?

ps. Topics from previous blogging series:

…and a preview of what’s included this year:

  • Why I blog
  • My writing routine
  • My experience with self-hosting
  • My favourite Photoshop Actions and tools
  • My top 10 writing prompts

Jamie’s chili con carne meatballs

This is one of my favourite recipes from Jamie’s cookbook, but that was kind of expected. Me + meatballs = Love.


This is a spicy dish, but you can take down the heat by leaving out the chilis. I didn’t. I love my heat. There’s some garam masala in the minced meat that makes everything so much more interesting. Other than that there’s smoked paprika and cumin in the very flavourful sauce in terms of spices.


I substituted the bulgur with brown rice (because I had so much of that in my pantry) and served with lots of spring onions.


All in all, I loved this dish. It’s everything I’m looking for in a dinner. Plus, leftovers were perfect for next day’s lunch. Will I make this again? Yes! :)


Last week’s workouts

Here’s all I did last week when it comes to working out.


Mondays are my Yoga class days. I follow an advanced Yoga course once a week. It lasts 90 minutes and the instructor is crazy in a very good way. She pushes us to strange positions and helps us overcome our boundaries. I don’t go to a fancy Yoga studio and I don’t spend a ton of money on my gym subscription. I go to the University gym, but I am lucky enough to always have the most dedicated Yoga instructors. I couldn’t be happier about it.



Apart from my Monday Yoga class, I don’t have nothing else set when it comes to working out for the rest of the week. I make my plan as I go, depending on what I feel like every day. On Tuesday, I felt like going for a run straight after work. I kept it short, just about 6km. It’s so nice to run outside when it’s finally spring.


Lately, I’ve been wanting to train my muscles a bit more. My gym offers some very intense classes and on Wednesday I decided to join one of them, called Raw. I think I’ll be adding that to my weekly plan from now on. This specific class consists of 5 or 10 (depends on how long the class lasts) different exercises. There are three repetitions per exercise and each one lasts 45 seconds with 15 break in between. This is the time to break some sweat!


Day off!


6 km run in the morning. It had been a long time since my last morning run and I enjoyed this one so much. I have to do this more often.


This for Raw again. This time I chose the short class. To finish off I run 2km on the treadmill. Perfect start for the weekend!


Day off!

How often do you work out and what’s your favourite type of exercise?

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