Easter on the countryside

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Happy Easter!

In my kitchen: Pear and Cinnamon Smoothie


This is my latest obsession. I tried it one day that I was out of fruits with only one pear left and now I am hooked. It’s better than a banana smoothie, it is just perfect! I have to note that this is not a protein packed smoothie if that’s what you’re looking for, but it is all natural and without any added sugar, which is what I actually look for in my food. You’ll need a pear, a teaspoon of cinamon and half a cup of milk. Blend them all together and enjoy your pear and cinnamon smoothie.


What is your favorite smoothie? Mine is definitely this, but lately I’ve been buying frozen fruit mixes for smoothies from the supermarket and eating them just as they are without blending. Weirdly satisfying!

ps. I left snowy (seriously?) Trondheim yesterday and I am spending some days in sunny and warm Greece with my family for Easter. I had a bliss this morning running in the sun with a short sleeve shirt and some running shorts, no hoodie needed! What a feeling! It’s summer!

Sewing project: A new sitting area

Remember the built-ins in my living room? This area looked a bit cluttered last year. Everything that had no place to go ended up there and something had to be done.


I started by organizing and throwing away some things. I bought some white boxes from Ikea and used some boxes that I already had on hand to keep things organized and in place. I cut some of the unused cords, moved the TV to the storage room (I will either put a TV on the wall later on or buy a projector) and cleaned all the dirt (there was a lot). Then I had to figure out what I wanted to do with the built-ins. To be honest, the option that I find more appealing is to extend them to the ceiling, leaving some space for the TV in the middle and maybe paint them white. However, this is a more expensive option than what I wanted to spend on the space right now (I will certainly keep it in mind for later though). The second best option was to create a new sitting area. This idea became more and more appealing until one night there were more than the people in the house and some of them had nowhere to sit. So sitting area it was.


Inspired by this project and this project, I decided that the best way to tackle this was to buy two crib mattresses. Let me explain things a bit. The built-ins have a depth of 60cm and a length of 220cm. A typical crib mattress is 60cm wide and 120cm long. So two crib mattresses were enough to cover the top of the built-ins perfectly and the only thing I had to trim each mattress by 10cm. I bought two basic crib mattresses for 10 euros at a local store, but if you’re tackling a similar project IKEA has cheap crib mattresses too. After measuring twice, I cut them to the ideal size. I also bought 5 meters of this flowery IKEA fabric, just to be sure that I would have enough fabric to cover them. It turns out I bought enough fabric to make two smaller pillow covers too, so I could have gotten only 4 meters to save some money.

Did I mention that I had never used a sewing machine before in my life? Yeah, it is true, but I still wanted to try to do this project, so I begged a friend to show me how to use her machine. We spend an afternoon when she showed me the basics and then she came by another time to help me pin them and cut the fabric, but after that I was alone. I borrowed an IKEA (don’t be surprised, I live sooo close to Sweden!) sewing machine from another friend, read the instructions and got down to sewing. I spent another afternoon sewing stupid, not that straight, lines and getting the hang of it, but after that it took me 8 hours of sewing for the two mattress covers (that also have zippers, because I thought I could and it wasn’t that hard after all) and two pillow covers.

sewing-project-sitting-09 I chose the simplest way to make all covers. Here are some detail shots.


I’m not going to lie. There were moments of frustration and mistakes, luckily not time-consuming ones, but I did it and I like the results. Now that it is over, I want to buy some black and white fabric to have a second cover for the mattresses and make a few black and white pillows too. It’s good to be able to change things up so easily, because the flowers look good with the red couch and the off-white dining room chairs, but I am afraid it can be tiring to the eyes later on. We’ll see. At least now I know how to do it!

What do you think? Also, what was your latest project and how did you feel when you finished it?

ps. It’s Monday and it is still raining… I can’t believe it! Have a great week!

Things to do on a rainy day

things-to-do-on-a-rainy-day We’ve had some very rainy days lately in Trondheim and it seems that they always happen to be the days after we clean the windows. Very unlucky timing indead! I found some very nice things to do whether it is a rainy afternoon on a workday or a rainy weekend. Here are my thoughts:

  • Plan your next (smaller or bigger) trip: Planning fun getaways makes you feel happier instantly and gives you something to look forward to. Usually, even small trips require a lot of planning and why not doing this on a rainy day?
  • Clean the house, purge and organize: Isn’t it better to clean the house on a rainy day rather than a sunny day? I definitely think so.
  • Play board games: I recently jumped on the board gaming wagon. I meet my friends once a week and spend an afternoon playing Game of Thrones, Agricola, Terra Mystica, 7 wonders and many many more. These games are fun, rainy day or not!
  • Drink tea, eat cake and read something: Not that you need an excuse, but a piece of cake and some tea a great companion to moody, rainy days, when everything else fails.

Do you have anything to add? I’d love to hear it!

Have a great, hopefully sunny weekend!

Photo credits: Frida Ramstedt, Trendenser.se


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