10 things that make me happy: 07│14


The end of my vacations is fast approaching. I had a great time this year and did so many things. This month it was very easy to find things that made me happy. In fact I could have put 100 different things in that list today. I will come back soon with more photos and details about my adventures, but in the meantime here’s the top 10 of the things that made me happy.

- Show my home city to friends from Norway

- The smell of loukoumades in the air

- Read a little bit every single day

- Cook a meal using only ingredients from the yard

- Switch off the phone and log off the Internet

- Stargaze

- Shop for bathing suits

- Swim in a pool with a great view over Athens

- My first running race in Greece, a 7km race in Kefalonia

- Sing as loud as I can alone in the car while driving as fast as possible

What have you been up to lately?


This summer I visited Kefalonia as part of my summer vacations. Kefalonia is an very green island in Ionian sea with beautiful beaches, the most beautiful beaches I’ve ever seen. I used to visit every summer when I was younger as my best friend has a summer house in the main city, Argostoli. He’s my oldest friend. I often joke that we’ve been friends since the day I was born and it is more or less true. Now that I’m older (and he’s older too) I try to visit every three or four years to remember how the summers used to be when we were kids and make new memories. This is my favorite kind of summer vacations.
























Places I wish to visit or revisit

I was daydreaming the other day about all the places I wish to visit. Some days I wish I was brave enough to hop on a place, alone, and travel to all these places I wish to see. Have you ever travelled somewhere alone? Are you brave enough to live an adventure like that? I’ve only experienced a tiny part of it and I want more. Don’t get me wrong I love to travel with my friends, my parents or my significant other, but there’s something so liberating in traveling alone. Which places do you wish to visit right now? Here’s my list!


Istanbul, Turkey │ Stockholm, Sweden │ Chalkidiki, Greece │ Chicago, USA │ Cape Town, South Africa │ Ikaria, Greece │ San Francisco, USA │ Hawaii, USA │ Copenhagen, Denmark │ Jaipur, India │ Lucerne, Switzerland │ London, UK │ Koufonisia, Greece │ Rio de Janeiro, Brazil │ Lisbon, Portugal │Budapest, Hungary │ Zurich, Switzerland │ Cote d’Azur, France │ Oxford, England │ Folegandros, Greece │Belgrade, Serbia │ Lofoten, Norway │ Lake Como, Italy │ Buenos Aires, Argentina │ Prague, Czech Republic │ Paris, France │ Casablanca, Morocco │ Zermatt, Switzerland │ New York City, USA │ Amalfi Coast, Italy │Thessaloniki, Greece │ Svalbard, Norway │ Kefalonia, Greece │ Dubrovnik, Croatia │ Mont Saint-Michel, France │Bali, Indonesia │ Bangkok, Thailand │ Edinburgh, Scotland │ Los Angeles, USA │ Trolltunga, Norway

ps. The photo is one I took in Germany around 2006.

Summer bucket list

I usually go on vacations without any particular expectations, but this year I decided to daydream a little bit about the things I want to do. Hopefully I will manage to do most of them, but no pressure. I decided to take a small summer break from the blog while I enjoy my vacations in Greece with my friends and family. You’ll find me on instagram posting pictures of wonderful rooftop swimming pools and girly summer dresses, and occasionally on facebook. I will be back at the end of the month with a list of all the things that made me happy in July. Meanwhile, tell me! What is in your summer bucket list?


This summer I am looking forward to:

- Visit the temple of Poseidon at Sounio (Bonus: watch the sun rise from up there)
- Travel to Ionian islands
- Read a book in Norwegian (probably a crime novel)
- Buy a cut-out one-piece swimsuit
- Finish processing this video I’ve been making since last year
- Watch a movie at a summer open-air theater
- Try to do water ski (although I still suck at it)
- Drink as many freddo cappuccinos as I can
- Do yoga in the back yard
- Listen to my favorite summer hits as I drive on the highway and sing as loud as I can
- Relax at a remote beach with a friend in complete and comfortable silence
- Jump in the pool and try to get the biggest possible splash
- Make homemade frozen yogurt (attempt 1 was an absolute failure)
- Run by the sea early in the morning and then take a swim
- Bake a fruit tart
- Play volleyball at the beach
- Remember to be carefree
- Eat fresh fruit straight from our yard
- Learn how to put eyeliner on without looking ridiculous
- Be better at waking up early and going to bed on time

ps. Have a great summer!
ps2. Image found somewhere online…


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