10 things that make me happy: 02│15


February was the month of my huge Europe train trip. The first part was for work (even though I managed to sneak in lots of fun) and the second one a much-needed vacation. I hadn’t had a trip like that in a long time and I am so grateful to be back in Paris today. Without further ado, here’s my happy list of the month.

- Talk to strangers

- Travel by train from Paris to Tübingen to Leuven and back to Paris

- The Valentine’s day dress up party for people who are in love and people who are not in love

- Sleep on the couch on a Sunday afternoon while my favorite TV show is playing

- Newborns

- Make new friends

- My very warm winter duvet

- Run in foreign cities

- Fried eggs over toasted bread slices

- Fold and put away laundry

ps. Photos by that very talended friend of mine.

What happens in Tuebingen

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My first time in Tübingen was a mess. I had an interview for a position that I didn’t really want and that went extremely bad. It was the last part of a very long train trip across Europe. I was alone and felt lonely. I left the city relieved and excited to get back home to my family in Greece. My life was a mess.

3 years late, this week, I came alone, but wasn’t lonely. I met interesting people and bonded with some of them in ways that I could never imagine possible in such a sort time. I spent my days attending lectures and my nights exploring the city, driving around the city surroundings with a borrowed car, eating local food and experiencing the nightlife. I stayed up until really late every night and woke up very early the next morning. I reached a new level of sleep deprivation, but I enjoyed it so much, it was totally worth it. I had drinks with an old friend who I hadn’t seen in 10 years (so much to catch up on). I saw the city in a different perspective, present in the moment.

This week made me think a lot about how far I’ve come and about where I want to be, what I want to achieve, who I want to be if I come back here after 3 more years. I left Tuebingen last afternoon extremelly tired, but very full of new experiences and woke up today in a different country. Goodmorning Belgium. We’re going to have so much fun.

ps. All photos by me, apart from the last one that was taken by a very talented friend.

February is for trips

And carnival and some love. But mainly, February is for trips. I took a plane and a train and arrived in Tuebingen late last night. I am quite busy these days with work and travels, but one day I’ll come back here with lots of photos and memories to share. Until then, have a great week, think of travels or go somewhere and have fun. I definitely am.

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ps. Wanna see some more from Tuebingen? Here you go.

Dining room light?





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I have been looking for a pendant light for my dining room table for a while now (well, two years?) and I want something that will look great with the cream walls, a red couch, light wood, a black standing light and white chairs. Everything would be so much easier if my walls were white, but they’re not and I’m not ready to paint them just yet. I thought about it for a good long time and after looking at tons of inspiration photos, I decided that I like black, white and copper, in that order. In terms of shape, I like them curvy and large (but not too big). But even if they’re smaller, I wouldn’t mind hanging two of them side by side. What do you think? Which one would you choose?

Have a great week!


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