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I can’t believe October is over already! Time flew by so fast. It might be that I was (and still am) very busy with work or that the days are smaller now. The list this month could have three times are many entries. I could add a video and a photography project that landed my way, some extra money that I finally got and  I am going to spend just pampering myself and my cozy lights that I love more and more each day. Or I could also add going for a night run at 5 degrees celsius in the rain, or watching romantic movies every other night after a year-long pause. The last one I saw was Two Night Stand and it made me long for snow and Christmas. This month has been kind. Here are the things that made it in my list.

- Have my girlfriends over for wine and cheese after work

- Wrap up my day with a warm bath and a blow-dry

- The fact that my faculty got the Nobel in Medicine

- See people going to dress up parties in the street

- Shop for eyeglasses (it’s ridiculous!)

- Tahini cocoa spread

- The fact that I can go hiking in 20 minutes from my house

- Buy a new super warm but fitted coat

- Men in suits riding bikes

- When my mind is full of creative ideas

How was your month?

ps. Photo of New York some years ago. I really want a trip.

Berries and cocoa smoothie

From time to time I get some smoothie addiction. Last year I was very into strawberry smoothie and few months ago I would prefer my smoothie with pears and cinnamon. My latest addiction is frozen berries and cocoa smoothie. I usually have it only with blueberries, but you can add any berries you like. This time I used a mix of several berries including raspberries and blueberries. I usually like my smoothies not loaded with calories, so I don’t add any sweetener, but if you don’t like it sour just add a teaspoon of honey. Enjoy!

Berries and cocoa smoothie

Servings: 1. Preparation: 3 min. Cooking time: 0 min. Total time: 3 min.



  • 100 gr mixed frozen berries*
  • 1 dl almond milk or regular milk
  • 2 tsp cocoa
  • 1 tsp honey (optional)*


  1. Put the frozen berries in a tall bowl (mine came with my minipimer). berries-cocoa-smoothie-01
  2. Top them with enough milk to almost cover them. berries-cocoa-smoothie-02
  3. Add the cocoa and the honey if you’re using it. berries-cocoa-smoothie-03
  4. Mix well with a minipimer.
  5. Drink it or eat it with a spoon as I do!

Even though the weather is getting colder, I really like my frozen smoothie, especially after a workout. Do you have a favorite a smoothie? Tell me and I’ll try it!


String lights

After a long time without a decorating post, I have something new to show you. These cuties came in the post this weekend and I am so in love. They make the house so cozy, especially now that it gets dark way too early in the afternoon. I bought them from ebay in orange and they were around 10 euros for a string of 20 lights. Unfortunately, the listing is not available anymore, but if you’d like to get a set for yourself you can search for cotton ball string lights. There are too many listings in different price scales. I haven’t made up my mind where they’ll end up in the house. I’ve tried them in the living room and the bedroom. Maybe I’ll just go ahead and buy a second string just so that I stop moving this one around.



What do you think?

The fall list


This fall I am looking forward to:

Eat: soups

Drink: steaming spicy chai latte

Travel to: a city I have never been before

Visit: my friends’ new house

Wear: boots and booties and warm sweaters

Smell: the fog

Experience: walking on crunchy fallen leaves

Listen to: relaxing music

Feel: mysterious and sexy

Watch: Little England (finally!)

Read:the Norwegian books that I borrowed from a colleague some months ago

Bake: apple crumble for dinner

Buy: a pair of slim black trousers

DIY: absolutely nothing at all

Remember: to take photos

Learn: how to clean the sensor of my camera

Be better at: knowing where to take a break

Play: The castles of Burgundy and Carcassonne


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    • The nobel celebration. :) So proud!
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    • You know it's cold when you need mittens in the office.. #mittens #tea

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