Hay crush


I bought two Hay pepper mills few months ago and they make me happy every single day. Bright colours, smart design. It was love at first sight, but after two months of use it’s more than that. These little colourful things make me want to get in the kitchen. So happy!


Jamie’s ultimate pork tacos

When a recipe includes the word tacos in it’s name, it’s very hard not to be a success. This is exactly the case with this recipe as well.


This must have been the fastest recipe I’ve made from Jamie’s book, which either means that I’m becoming faster or that it’s actually an easy recipe. In addition to that it’s very simple.


The main part of the dish was pork cut in small cubes and black beans. The salad was one of my favourite ones. Give me a salad with apple and take my heart. It also had avocado, coriander and tomato inside and it was dresses with olive oil, soya sauce and lemon.


All in all, I’m going to give this recipe 5 stars. It was fast, easy and tasty and made enough food to take with me the next day to work. Will I make this again? Yes, for sure!


Two weeks on a carry-on: Singapore and Portugal

Just photos…








Blogging series: My top 10 writing prompts

To close down this year’s blogging series, I want to share my favourite post ideas, the ones I use again and again. It’s nothing too revolutionary, just a list to get you through the dreaded writer’s block. I hope you find it useful.



Summer/Fall/Winter/Autumn list

Night/Morning Routine

A photo an hour

A day in life

Books I’ve read and liked (recently)

Take on a challenge and report on it: Cook through a cookbook, Project Pan, unplug for a week…

A video

A guide of a city

Places I want to visit/Places I’ve been to

A food list

See you soon!

ps. Topics from previous blogging series:

…and a preview of what’s included this year:

  • Why I blog
  • My writing routine
  • My experience with self-hosting
  • My favourite Photoshop Actions and tools
  • My top 10 writing prompts

Jamie’s smoked salmon

This may be mind-blowing to you. This was the first (and only) time I tried a Yorkshire pudding. It is such a comfort food! What was I missing!


Let’s take it from the top. This recipe has a classic Yorkshire pudding, which is the easiest thing you can cook. Smoked salmon takes it to the next level.


As far as salad goes, there were asparagus and caramelised beets. Right up my alley.



All in all, I loved this recipe. All of it. Will I make this again? Yes, sure thing! (Although I think it’s good for one person, not for four.)



Last week, I stepped my foot for the first time in Asia. I took a 12,5 hour flight to Singapore. This city/country has a beautiful climate for a Greek girl, just like Athens in July, tropical storms and amazing food. Seriously, there is so much food from so many different cultures. I couldn’t make myself choose. I followed a Chinese friend to his favorite places and ate bizarre dishes (a black egg that was left in the mud for 2 days, crispy baby squid, rice in all forms you can imagine) both street food and in fancy restaurants. I drunk a coconut. I visited the different neighborhoods that represent different cultures within the city, Little India, Chinatown and Little Arabia. I bought myself the cutest tablet facial masks (kind of like these) and an assortment of colourful Indian bangles and earrings. I went up to see the view from Swissotel (it’s free and highly recommended) and spent most of my nights swimming at the pool of the Carlton hotel (and I didn’t even stay there).

Another highlight of my trip was walking in a Hindu temple in Little India. There were barefoot people all over the place, praying, offering fruits or singing. There were people blessing the bananas and people getting a blessing. They offered us a sweet drink with nuts and then we left and everyone kept asking why I was so about it. Well, I’m not planning to become Hindu anytime soon, but seeing these people believe was a strong sight and an awesome experience.

Another late night we walked around Little India with the camera on hand. The friend who was with me thought that this was a unique sight and I said nothing at the time, but the truth is that there are parts of my city, Athens, that look like that. He was used to the skyline and I was used to trash and people sitting on the sidewalk. Later on that night we left and got ourselves a drink up in One Raffles Place. Radical change of scenery.

On my last day, I walked around in Marina Bay Sands. What an artificial place! There’s even a casino and a canal where you can rent a boat (indoors that is!). I also visited the ArtScience museum, which I LOVED. And with another 12,5 hour flight, I was back to Europe and onto my next adventure.

ps. And that was just the touristy part of my trip. During my days, I met the most amazing people and I am so grateful for all the inspiration I got, the things I learnt and the constructive discussions. See you next year. :)

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