Minimalism Challenge Day 27:
Clear out your junk drawer


Junk drawer? Ha. Let’s go bold. Let’s clean out the storage room! This task has been on my to-do list for the past two years and I never got around to do it. This time though, I took everything out, cleaned the floor, threw away all the things that were not functional but for some reason I was holding on to, organised and then put everything back to their places. It took few hours and by the end of it I was completely exhausted, but it felt so good to have an organised storage room, where things are not falling on your head every time you open the door. The worst part was throwing away the trash. It took me an extra three days to take everything to the bin. I don’t have a before picture to show you, but here’s the after, that I’m very proud of.

Hugs and kisses,



Minimalism Challenge Day 26:
Identify your stress triggers



  • When things are messy, in the house or in my life. I don’t care if my house is clean, but messy can really throw me for a loop.
  • The opinion of other people, specifically the one of my parents, and the fact that I may have to follow it or let it dictate how I live my life.
  • Meetings, the earlier in the day the worse.
  • Travels and changes. When things are uncertain. These same things make me extremely happy though, at the same time.
  • When I feel that I don’t have control. When other people make choices about my life and they’re not that close to me, we don’t have a relationship built on trust, I feel threatened, which is silly.
  • When I expect someone will let me down.

What are your stress triggers?

Hugs and kisses,


Minimalism Challenge Day 25:
Leave a whole day unplanned


On that day (Saturday 30th of April 2016), I had no plan at all and I ended up:

– Eating an oat pudding for breakfast, scrambled eggs for lunch and pasta for dinner. I also snacked on a mango and drunk a cappuccino and a hot chocolate.

– Devouring 40 days of dating. Such a cool insight of what goes on in the minds of two completely different people who get into a relationship.

– Recording this silly video.


– Going to the orthodox church of Trondheim for Easter.

– Binge watching Lucie Fink videos. What an addiction!

– Making these indulgent chocolate truffles.



– Sleeping between breakfast and lunch and between lunch and dinner. Apparently, I was really tired those days.

– Going for a late run outside.

– Buying quinoa and chickpeas for the most delicious veggie burgers I’ve ever tried.

Have you ever tried leaving a whole day unplanned? It was so refreshing!

Hugs and kisses,


Minimalism Challenge Day 24:
Practice gratitude


I talk about the small things I am grateful for (or make me happy) on my monthly posts, so on Day 24, I decided to go big and talk about the huge things that I am grateful for in my life.

My mental and physical health

I am very grateful that I can run when I want to, that I feel strong and healthy and that my mind is clear. These things should not be taken for granted and can be lost in moments. I am grateful for having them every single day of my life.

The opportunity to live in Norway and do a PhD

Not everyone does what they want to. Of course you have to chase your dreams, but there’s always a bit of luck involved. I’m grateful that luck was on my way when it came to living the life I want in Norway and doing a PhD on a subject that I love.

The opportunity to travel

When it comes to traveling, there are so many different factors involved, from money to time to will to physical ability. I am very grateful that I have all four of the prerequisites and that I can travel wherever I set my mind to.

My family and my friends and their support

The last and most important thing I am grateful for are the people in my life and the immense amount of support I’ve had whenever I needed it. I wouldn’t be able to live the life I do without it.

What are you grateful for?

Hugs and kisses,


Minimalism Challenge Day 23:
Go bare-faced


Well, that’s not that hard, right? I go bare-faced whenever I stay at home, or whenever I’m flying, sometimes when I go out to dinner or with friends as well, but for the past year, I’ve been wearing make up to the office almost every day. I can go without make up, it’s just that I enjoy putting some effort on myself in the morning. My make up is minimal anyway, no bronzing or sculpting or even eyeshadow for the most past. Now that I think about it, I don’t wear mascara every day. My everyday make up routine is concealer (I have one that I use for my under-eyes and red spots), powder allover, blush, smudge a bronze soft pencil on my upper lash line and tight-line with black pencil eyeliner and of course, my favourite part, apply some lipstick. So consider Day 23, easy, peasy, done…

Hugs and kisses,


ps. My bare face :)


Minimalism Challenge Day 22:
Create a relaxing bedtime routine


It’s not every night that I have time to relax before going to bed, but when I do I like to:

  • take my make up off (with a dual make up remover and then with micellar water)
  • wash my face with some very mild soap
  • take a warm shower
  • put on face oil (the blue one from Kiehls is amazing!) and moisturizer
  • wash my teeth and floss
  • put on hair oil
  • put on body, foot and hand cream while seating on my bed (it’s an important part of the routine, I have to be sitting on the bed, otherwise I don’t enjoy it) and some lip balm
  • put on my fragrance (is it too much yet?)
  • read a chapter of a book I am currently reading

I do most of these every single night, no matter how late it is and how tired I am, but I wish I spent the extra minute to put foot cream every single night, because this is what relaxes me most after a tiring day. I would also like to make more of an effort to start my routine a bit earlier and go to bed earlier. What is your bedtime routine?

Hugs and kisses,


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