10 things that make me happy: 08│14


August has been a fine and quite slow month, which is totally fine with me after a month of running around in Greece. I decided to make it a self-pampering and detox month. I drastically reduced the amount of caffeine I have, bought myself a great deep-cleaning face mask and established that after 9pm it is relax time in the house. And you know what? I feel really good. Here’s what else has been making me happy this month.

- Physics explanations of everyday things

- Deep-cleaning face masks

- Inside jokes

- The street musician that plays the theme from Harry Potter every afternoon outside my house

- Get back to work after a month of vacations

- Have a running partner

- Cloudberry jam

- Find the perfect music for my videos

- Wake up before my alarm clock goes off

- Watch the rainstorm from the comfort of my house

What about you?

Summer through my phone

I bought an iPhone this summer and this could only mean an impossible number of photos. Some of them reached Instagram, but I wanted to make something easy with all of them, hence this slideshow. The photos are from all the places I visited in July: Athens, Kefalonia, Serifos and Evia. I hope you like it. Have a great and productive week!

ps. This video makes me miss Greece like crazy..

Sushi night


Few weeks ago I attented an impromptu sushi night. One of my friends in Trondheim is a passionate “Sushi Master”. She loves sushi and she knows how to make the best sushi herself, so the rest of us decided to make use of her skills and convinced her to teach us the secrets. I was the photographer for the night and didn’t get my hands too dirty with the rolls, but I did cut the salmon and the hallibut in pieces (that I then ate myself as I could not wait). Apparently sushi making takes a lot of time, approximately three hours from start to finish. Another thing I learned that night is that I probably need a rice cooker to make the perfect sushi rice. Our rolls weren’t perfect, far from it, but now we’re less intimidated by the process and more likely to try it on our own. Have you ever tried making sushi yourself? It’s so much fun! I would totally recommend taking a sushi making course if you find one.




ps. Have a great weekend!

Summer moments: a video

My first video! I’ve been wanting to try my video editing skills for a very long time. Last Sunday, having no better things planned for the day, I thought it was time to learn how to do it. It took some trial and error, and, of course, this video is not perfect. But I did it and I am quite happy. Now, if only I had time to edit all these other videos I’ve been shooting lately…

This one is moments from my trip in Kefalonia earlier this summer. My trip there involved a lot of cooking, relaxing, some running, swimming and generally having a good time. I won’t take you clubbing with me, but you get the idea. Enjoy!


Song: Broke for free – The Gold Lining


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