Jamie’s chorizo carbonara

This week’s recipe is one I rarely eat. I rarely eat pasta, let alone carbonara, but cooking through Jamie’s book I had to give his version a chance. Jamie’s carbonara is a healthy one, with yogurt instead of heavy cream and just a tiny bit of cheese and it is delicious anyway. He also suggests complementing pasta with a green salad with clementines.

Weekly meal planning became way easier since I started cooking through Jamie’s cookbook. I wake up every Saturday morning trying to decide which recipes I want to try the coming week. I have to be honest and say that I’ve cooked more than you’ve seen on the blog, but I’ll get to show you everything, one recipe every Wednesday. I just don’t want to overwhelm the blog with recipes.

jamie-chorizo-carbonara You can find the recipe here!

As I am trying to eat as healthy and clean as possible, I decided to swap normal pasta with a wholemeal version. The taste is more or less the same, but it has more fibers. Nothing too revolutionary, I’m afraid.


As always, I loved using fresh rosemary. It was a nice touch that made the whole apartment smell like I’ve been cooking something delicious (which I actually was). I made a mistake in the sauce. I didn’t dilute it with enough water as Jamie suggested, but it turned out good anyway. It would have been much creamier, had I not made that mistake. Live and learn.



This green salad with clementines and pine nuts is the best and easiest salad I’ve ever tried. It’s take literally 5 minutes to put together and the vinaigrette has only three ingredients: olive oil, vinegar and honey. Nothing beats a three ingredients vinaigrette. Since I first tried it three weeks ago, it has become my go to salad. I’ve once made it as a side to an oven omelet and a mushroom tart. As a bonus, it looks so good on the plate, with the contrast of purple and green leaves and orange clementines.


Will I make this again? Yes! I’ve already made the salad a couple of times and I am definitely going to make the pasta again!


What is your go-to salad? Mine used to be this one, but it lacks the simplicity of my new favorite.

A visit to Senlis


There are many places one can visit outside Paris and Senlis, a medieval village, is one of them. We drove there right after Chantilly and spent a nice afternoon wandering the small cobblestone streets. There was not much more to our visit other than a short stop for some tea and some more walking. Then came the night.









ps. This days are quite busy, as I am preparing for my next trip. Hope you have a wonderful week!

Life lately

This week was a crazy one. One of my closest friends in Trondheim and colleague got married and we had big celebration. I didn’t have that much free time to do anything other than prepare for the wedding. I spent all my extra time sleeping or going for a run, my favorite way to relieve stress. All in all, it was one of the exciting weeks!


This week:

– I made three cakes: a 17th of May cake, a wedding cake with 4 layers and a cute little 4 layer cake for a friend.

– I met a girl (who reads my blog) and her boyfriend and took their engagement photos.

– I cut my hair and slightly changed my style for the first time in many years.

– I said goodbye to Carole who moved back to UK and to a friend who is soon moving to the other side of the world.

– I listened to all the romantic songs.

– I went to the cinema after a long time.

– I danced til my feet fell off.

– And lastly, I planed my next big adventure.

How was your week?

Have an awesome weekend!

ps. If you’d like to see the recipe for my cakes, I’ll be happy to share if you ask for it! They were delicious!

French countryside


When I go on a road trip, I prefer to spend some nights staying in small villages and France is the perfect place to do that. We were able to find little hidden gems and eat delicious food in the middle of nowhere, in places previously unknown to us. We generally tend to follow our instincts and what the GPS says and end up finding amazing restaurants to eat and hotels to stay. One of them was Le Relais Brunehaut in Chelles. There is nothing much to do it Chelles, but it’s a great starting point to explore the surrounding area. I ate one of the best dinners in the hotel restaurant and keep thinking about it… Oh, French food!













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