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Daddy’s gift for my birthday (It’s today! Yay!) was something I wanted for a long long time. I wanted to order two books from Blurb. One for my trip to NY this autumn and one for my trip to Paris last autumn. I had designed the Paris book over a year ago and it was standing in my computer. So when I finished the NY book, my dad suggested to print them both. So I did it. I anxiously waited two weeks for them to arrive, but finally they’re here and they’re perfect. I’m in love!


For the Paris book, I chose the best photos, arranged them in chronological order and called it a day.


For the NY book, I did things differently. I arranged the photos by date. For each day, I chose a photo that was more significant to me and wrote what day it was. I put other photos from this day on the pages that followed. Also I wrote briefly the things we did. I even included some things that we said and stuck.


I’m in love with both books. Although I was scared that my books may not have the best quality, once I opened the package I found that the paper was heavy enough and just as glossy as I wanted it to be. The only thing I need to mention is that (as I already had read in many reviews) the photos were slightly darker. This difference was more noticeable in the photos that were straight out of camera rather that the photos I had edited in Photoshop.


As you can see I chose to print both book with Softcover and Premium Paper with lustre finish. The whole order was about €58,74. I googled for discount codes and luckily got 20% off my whole purchase. Although I’m afraid this code is not valuable anymore.


Now tell me! Do you print your photos? Do you frame them? Print them in a coffee book? Or just leave them in a folder in a hard drive?

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  1. Barbara3289

     /  June 30, 2011

    what to say about the first photo of your book!!! Did you really have to choose this one??? 😛
    (I really look fat)

    • Nonsense! Maybe a little swollen, but not fat! Btw how do you know which is the first photo of my book? Ha?

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