Trondheim: Åhléns

As I mentioned this morning yesterday was shopping day. Way before I arrived in Trondheim I made a to-see list and one of the first things I added was Åhléns, a big Scandinavian (I think Swedish) design store. I was like a child seeing a toy when I saw this.


The Boyfriend couldn’t refuse to let me go through every aisle of the store and take too many pictures of everything I like. Although, this was a just-see-no-buys visit. I’ll come back another day (on my own!) to get my bank account balance to approach zero buy some things I liked. Case in point: These letters.


There is a SMILE package, a HOUSE package and a LOVE package. I’m not sure if I’ll indulge. I’m this close, I just don’t know which one to choose. I also found these knobs and I really need to get one for my side table.


Maybe I’ll buy a tablecloth as a gift to my mother. She asked for it, but she’s quite picky. Mom which one?


Then I saw this basket that is made out of old magazines and I thought what a nice idea. It might not work, but I have to try it when I get back home.


I couldn’t believe how many cupcake/cake/sweets related things they have. So cute!



They already have christmas decorations in display. I never buy ornaments, but it means that Christmas is around the corner and that’s enough to get me excited!



One last thing: One question for you! Do you know how many design styles exist? The Boyfriend was impressed! At least 18, according to this wall decal! How many of them do you recognize? I only knew half of them. Haha!


À demain!

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  1. sarah

     /  November 2, 2011

    OMG! Thank you for introducing me to this AMAZING store!! I have been dying to get to Sweden, but Alehns looks unreal. Is everything in the store their own brand or do they carry other brands? Those cupcake wrappers were great! :) so excited. You made my morning.


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