How to travel light: The makeup bag

Lately I’ve been feeling the need to travel with less and less baggage. It feels like all these years I’ve been packing too many things that I don’t seem to use in the end. So this time I had more important things to take with me than make up and clothes. Things like olives and currants. To us food is more important than clothes. Hehe, we’re these people! That’s why I decided I need to make some posts showing you my way of traveling with less (clothes and more food!) and packing smart. Part one: The makeup!


Some months ago, in an effort to use less heavy makeup, I stopped using foundation. Now I only use concealer on the red spots and under the eyes and then apply some powder. At this point I apply some blush for some color and eyeliner. I prefer this pencil eyeliner, because it’s the easiest way I’ve found and it’s very forgiving on mistakes. Usually that’s when I step away from the mirror and go, but sometimes I want something more, enter eye shadow. At home I have several choices, but it only seemed wise to me to pack only one travel palette of shadows. This way I can have some different looks, while not carrying a lot. Plus it has some lip gloss too. So, I guess that wraps it up!

I know it’s not fancy, but that’s what works for me right now. What’s in your travel makeup bag?

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  1. I can’t live without my Nars multiple! 🙂 great list!


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