Acropolis museum

My mother’s gifts are always special and few. She gave me a copy of her father’s doctoral thesis for my graduation, a copy of her favorite book about art history with her handwritten comments on it for my 18th birthday and a trip to Paris for my 14th. Now that I’m a week away from 24 and leaving the country she wanted to gift me something meaningful: a tour of Acropolis museum. She is the best guide, so I happily accepted her offer and we visited the museum yesterday.


As ashamed as I am to admit it, this was my first time in Acropolis museum. My mother walked me through the exhibits all the way to the top floor, where you can see sculptures from Parthenon.


The view from the top floor, the first thing you see, is captivating. Parthenon is an imposing temple, even from afar.* There is something sacred about it. I stood there several minutes trying to gasp the fact that this place that I had seen from every angle so many times was still taking my breath away.


Afterwards, we went to the Museum Cafe to talk about art, history and architecture.


The Cafe has a nice view of Acropolis too.


At the end, we found out that the excavations below the Museum will be open to public soon. Maybe we should schedule our next visit.


* I wish I had a good picture to show you, but I couldn’t do it justice.

ps. Everyone kept talking to us in English. I guess my camera threw them off and thought we were tourists. It was funny, but kind of weird. When I answered back in Greek, they wondered why I had a camera and if I was from Athens. Do I have to be a tourist to take pictures of my city?
ps2. Google street view from the Museum.

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