Museums in Oslo

I went to Oslo a couple of weeks ago, visited some museums and came back to share my favorites. While some people prefer strolling in the city to get to know the vibe, I enjoy a good museum or three.

The Folk Museum

If you can only visit one museum in Oslo that should be the Folk museum. Beautiful old buildings, nature and animals, you can see it all in one. The best part was the exhibition of old decor items. It has old DIY stencils, paints and everything in between. People painted their houses before Benjamin Moore and that’s the way they did it. The second best part were the pigs. Instant crush.





The National Gallery

They have Munch. They have The Scream. If you admire a famous work of art, then the National Gallery at Oslo is the place for you. It’s a small gallery that you can tour in an hour or less and it covers many periods from the ancient times to modern art.





Museum of Architecture

For all architecture lovers like me, it’s a nice place to visit. The architectural details of the building itself were more interesting that the exhibits and the coffee place absolutely perfect for an afternoon drink. Also, I wish I could bring this large print home.



There you have it! Is there something you always do when you visit a new city? I visit as many museums as I can and try the local sweets until I can’t take any more sugar. It’s a must!

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  1. I never made it to the Architecture museum, in fact there were a few I missed and a few I went to loads of times 🙂 The Historical museum was one of my favourites, but them I am a medievalist! I also loved the art gallery, I’m glad to see you are allowed to take photos again. When I lived there you were, but when I took my husband 3 years ago they had stopped that and it was disappointing. Of course the Folk museum and the Viking Ship museum were the others I visited often.

    One of my favourite slightly off the wall places to visit in a new country is antique shops or junk shops. I find it fascinating to see what old stuff is similar or different to England. In Scandinavia I found very many wooden things, often home made. But also some things which must have made quite a journey, like the stool carved like a camel that I could not resists buying – it not only has a camel head and camel feet, it even has a tail! I love it 🙂 In the US I was amused by how not very old many of the things were in one we went to in a small town. It brought home that expression that to the Americans a hundred years is a long time while to the Brits a hundred miles is a long way. Very true!

  2. Haha! A camel stool! Sounds fun!


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