And then I tried to paint

A canvas.

I wanted some art for my tiny bedroom house and what’s better (and cheaper and more creative) than painting my own canvas? The whole attempt would set me back at most 10 euros if it was unsuccessful, so why not? The moment I dipped my brush into the paint a thousand memories came back to me. I used to paint a lot as a kid (of course), but also during my school years. I may not be an artist, but I am extremely familiar with acrylics.

I started by applying a color that was relevant with what I had in mind to the whole canvas and then I added more colors until I was satisfied with the result. I limited my colors to blues, greens and yellows, to keep it more cohesive and less messy. I had no specific inspiration, but after all these years of visiting galleries I knew what I wanted to make. The result looks quite nice to me, even though it is completely amateurish.

I also painted the sides with a solid color, but I am not sure I like it better this way. Maybe next time I’ll live it bare. The size of the canvas is 40 by 40, which is not small at all. Although I think I’ll go for something bigger next time.

Here’s a photo from afar.

All in all, I think it works nicely with my faux sheep skin and the room in general. I’m looking for a nice chair for this corner, but till I find something free super affordable this one will do.

So, do you like it? Any art critics out there? Also, have you tried painting something lately? Or doing something creative in your free time? Do tell.

ps. Of course I bought my supplies at my favorite store

ps2. An older version of my house.

  • This looks really really beautiful!!! You should go on painting!!! Such a unique way of decorating the house!!!

  • You are a much better artist than I am!

    Re the chair: I like folding chairs for small homes. Portable, and they put away nicely, so it frees up space, which is valuable in limited space If you’re not thrilled with that particular chair, what about painting it for a pop of color?

    • It’s in my lease agreement that I can’t paint anything that came with the house. Unfortunately that chair came with the house. It’s from Ikea so I can buy another one if I have to, but I have a problem with the shape. I need something bigger for that corner, like an armchair. The good thing is that we have a website where people sell or donate their furniture and sometimes you can find great things for free. On the downside I would have to carry it home, but I think I will find a way if I find the right chair. Thanks for the advice though! I do believe paint can transform furniture.

    • Oh yea, I’m in a similar situation with my house. About 75% of the furniture belongs to the LL, but she doesn’t care if I paint them. I think she hopes I will – a couple pieces are ugly. I might talk to her and see if she’ll spring for the paint – the “closet” (it’s a homemade armoire thing) will cost a pretty penny because it needs to be sanded down or to be primed (it has an ugly latex type paint). But I’d have to be really bored to want to do that.

  • oh, its so beautiful! welldone.