Performing arts and Chicago

When visiting a new country I like to do certain things to experience its vibe. Most of it has to do with eating, because I tend to remember where I ate something rather than the visit in that famous museum or that place with the great historical importance. For instance, I had the best ice cream of my life in Urbino, Italy and the best side dish I’ve ever had was in Orange, France. I could give you more details if you like. I could describe the taste and the texture as if I ate them yesterday. It’s so strange how my brain works.

Another thing I like to do is going to the theater or the opera. There is something with performing arts that brings you closer to the culture of the country you’re visiting. After reading about Chicago in Four Seasons at Home, I expressed my desire to travel to US again (and Canada but that’s a different story). Chicago is a big city and there is a lot going on regarding performing arts. Take for example the Lyric Opera of Chicago, an opera I would really like to visit. Especially this season, the productions are so interesting. I would like to watch every single one of them. From Puccini’s Madama Butterfly, which is described as “breathtakingly beautiful”, to Giuseppe Verdi’s Otello.

Performing arts and Chicago

Now I only have to book a hotel in Chicago and some plane tickets. Easier said than done, but I can keep thinking about it hoping that one day it will happen! Do you have any tips for Chicago? Anyone else experiencing new places through food and performing arts?

ps. Few months ago I visited the Opera in Oslo and even watched a play there!
ps2. Image found via Pinterest.

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  1. That’s exactly what I love doing as well! Good food and getting to know the people of the place I am visiting. There could be nothing better… 🙂

    Traveling only enriches us if we get to know the culture of the destination…

  2. Go with a friend. If you can, with a friend who knows the city. It’s super easy to get lost and get in the wrong part of the town. The safety can vary from block to block.

    If you like operas and plays, look into New York City too. I used to go up there for plays a couple times a year. If $$ is an issue, look at off- and off-off Broadway shows. Some of them are atrociously bad, but it can be fun to go anyway. You can also find amateur stages doing operas.

    Many years ago I went to see a very long play on off-off broadway, and it ended up doing so well that it later was…promoted? I don’t really know the terminology…to Broadway level and won some awards. It was pretty cool to be able to say, “hey I saw that play before it got famous!”

    Check Boston also. I believe they have a couple big Opera houses up there too.


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