Repurposed shutters

I was talking the other day about the situation in the bedroom. The wall behind the bed definitely needs something. Painting is out of question, for now at least, but I considered putting up some removable, selv-adhesive wallpaper. The problem with that is that there are not many companies that ship to Norway and are not crazy expensive at the same time. While I keep searching for the perfect wallpaper at the perfect price, I thought I should let you know about a different idea that crossed my mind: a repurposed shutters headboard.

repurposed shutters

repurposed shutters

repurposed shutters1/2/3

Aren’t these romantic? The first one is my favorite, even though the arrangement is not doable in my case. It would demand custom shutters to achieve this result or a very lucky find at your local home improvement store that sells used building supplies. But who would throw away such a beauty anyway? Depending on what type of shutters you have and your color palete you can end up with amazing and unique configurations, some more simple, some more elegant and some more intricate. I have also thought about other types of headboards. There are many tutorials out there for DIY upholstered headboards, but this type of headboards are not washable and after some time that would be gross. The other option is some custom plain wood headboard, but I’m not yet sold on it. Decisions, decisions. What would you do?

  • Ταπετσαρία!! το ίδιο σκέφτομαι κ εγώ, ρίξε μια ματιά στο κατά καιρούς έχει πολύ καλές προσφορές. δοκιμασμένο!

    • Ξέρεις αν έχει και αυτοκόλλητα wallpapers? Αυτό είναι το πιο δύσκολο, γιατί μερικά site πουλάνε όλα τα είδη, αλλά όχι σε όλα τα σχεδια.

  • I think a repurposed shutters headboard is a great idea, it adds so much warm to a room, which we all need in a bedroom!