In the mask shop

This weekend was the annual dress-up carnival party of all the Greeks (and our non-Greek friends) that live in Trondheim. I had big plans for my costume. I wanted to dress up as Queen of Hearts from Alice in Wonderland, but something went wrong with the make up and I gave up running out of time. I started the night being myself and left the party early the next morning around 5, drunk and dressed up as Hawaian sunshine (that’s what my friends said I looked like, no photos to prove it). However, I think a nice mask would have saved the date as it is the safest choise for a mysterious costume. I took these photos in a mask shop in Venice few months ago and regret so much not buying an intricate mask for myself. Next time… What did you dressed up as this weekend?







  • I dressed up as myself, but sometimes I wish I had a mask when leaving at 5 in the morning! Haha!

  • Σιχαίνομαι τις Απόκριες κ δεν ντύνομαι ποτέ(δεν πάω σε αποκριάτικα πάρτυ). Αλλά μια βενετσιάνικη μάσκα θα την ήθελα πάρα πολύ!

    • Αλήθεια? Έχουν πάρα πολλή πλάκα αυτά τα πάρτυ. 🙂 Από την άλλη ίσως είναι που εδώ όλα κλείνουν στις 2 οπότε το 5 το πρωί μας θύμισε κάτι από διακοπές κι από Ελλάδα..