Blogging series: Where do you blog from?

This month I decided to post every week about a subject related to blogging, as part of a blogging series. The series will cover some topics that I find very interesting related to blogging. I was always interested in this kind of posts, because I feel that it is a way to know the blogger better, show some behind-the-scenes and share some knowledge. To begin the series, I want to show you where I blog from.

blogging-series-where-blog-from-01 My current appartement doesn’t have any place for an office table, so usually all the magic happens at my dinning table. I set up the computer near the window and keep some paper nearby to write notes and lists. Sometimes I write my blog from the couch, especially when I have many photos to process, but the dining table is where most of the work is done. Other times I also sit on my new sitting area on top of the built-ins in the living room. It feels like my secret cave. I always listen to some music or radio or sometimes Skype with my friends on the afternoons, so it is useful to have my headphones close by.

blogging-series-where-blog-from-04 blogging-series-where-blog-from-02 blogging-series-where-blog-from-03 blogging-series-where-blog-from-06 Last year I tried a different configuration for a short while and even though it didn’t work, I liked facing the window while working.

joanna-office-01 joanna-office-02 joanna-office-03 joanna-office-04 Where do you blog from?

ps. My blogging series will cover some interesting topics related to running a blog:

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  1. εχω μετατρέψει το τραπέζι μου σε γραφείο,γράφω πάντα παρέα με μουσική!

    • Κι εγώ θέλω πάντα κάτι ν’ ακούω.. 🙂

  2. I usually work at the dining table like you too, even though I have a great office space at home!

  3. Oh I love this series already!!! What a great idea!!! I usually blog from my work desk in our living room as I have an iMac and am not able to move it around. Sometimes, when I am really lazy, I sit on the couch with my MacBook air and blog from there but I prefer sitting at a desk. I can’t wait for our house to be ready to move in. Then I am going to have my own office with a library around me!!!

    • An office with a library sounds awesome! I can’t wait to see it!

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