In my bag: Travel style


I’ve been traveling very often lately and I’ve become an expert on packing my bag for a flight. In general, the less you take with you the better, but there are some things I can’t travel without. My iPad is my primary source of entairtainment. I’ve loaded it with movies, series, music and books, so I can have something to do at all time. It is also nice that I can surf the Internet if the flight has wireless which is now the case in Norwegian flights. The iPod and the phone are also essentials that take almost no space. If it’s a work trip, I’ll have my Macbook with me, but I don’t bother carrying it with me on shorter vacation trips. I usually buy some magazines at the airport, either gossip (what a guilty pleasure!) or fashion. Also, since all these trips are quite stressful and tiring, I try to spend my time catching up on sleep. I always have with me that sleeping mask to ensure that I can sleep if I feel like it. It’s not often I travel with make up on, so I keep my lipstick with me and put it on when I arrive to look more decent. It is an instant improvement along with my sunglasses. Lastly, I always carry fruit and nuts with me. I don’t like airplane food and I’m getting pickier and pickier at eating as the years go by. It’s nice to have something healthy to eat, instead of bread and pasta or horrible airplane food. What is in your travel bag?