Blogging series: Camera gear and blogging tools

As part of my blogging series, I will to talk today about the camera gear that I regularly use on the blog and some other handy blogging tools that make post writing easier and faster. This is the last post of the series and I hope that you enjoyed reading them.


Camera gear

I’ve been experimented for a long time with my camera and several lenses. I really liked buying second hand lenses in the process of deciding what sort of lenses suit best the type of photography I like. Right now I use a Canon Rebel T3/EOS 1100D and my everyday lens is Tamron 28-75mm f/2.8. I also occasionally use my prime lens Canon 50mm f/1.8. My gear is not the best there is, but it was what my budget allowed me to buy at the time. I am happy with the focal length of my lenses and in a future upgrade I will stick to the same lengths. Even though a better camera is in my budget now, I don’t see the reason not to use the perfectly good camera I have (I don’t think I can sell it). I decided though that I will upgrade my Camera when it reaches 100000 clicks or if it breaks. In that case I will either go for a Canon 70D or a full frame camera, a Canon 50mm f/1.2 and a Canon 24-70mm f/2.8, not all at once. I also have a tripod that I love (I got it as a gift for my birthday earlier this week) and a camera remote.

WordPress plugins

Pinterest Pin It Button For Images

I use this plugin for the cute little pin it button that you see when you hover over my images. It is very much customizable, even if you don’t know much about CSS coding. You can find many free image options on the Internet or make your own button. I found mine here.


This plugin helps you navigate my blog. You can see it at the bottom of the page. The good thing about it is that you can read my very first post without having to go through all my archives, just with one click.

Yet Another Related Posts Plugin

Sometimes if I like a post, I want to read more. This plugin makes sure that your readers will find more posts to read and will likely spend more time in your blog. It is completely customizable, so you can make it look however you want and you have different options on which posts will be shown each time.

WordPress SEO

I have a love and hate relationship with this plugin. I installed it at a time when I thought my blog would benefit from being SEO friendly. However, making my posts SEO friendly sadly was not as enjoyable as not caring about it. I don’t use it anymore when writing posts, but it has some other functions that are nice to have, like title templates and XML sitemaps.


It takes care of all the spam comments for you and it is free as long as your blog is not a business.

Blog Icons

This is the easiest way to add a favicon in your blog and basically that is the only thing that this plugin does. Simple and easy.

Comment Reply Notification

Every time you reply on a comment left on your blog, the commenter will receive a mail with your reply. Sometimes your readers will ask a question and forget to check the reply. This way you can ensure that they get a reply. However, keep in mind that this email might end up in a spam folder and I haven’t found a way to fix that yet.

Other plugins

If you have blog then it is suggested that you have the Jetpack, the WP Super Cache and the Follow Button for Jetpack plugins installed. Your blog will be like a blog only more flexible.

What camera do you use and what blogging tools do you swear by?

ps. My blogging series covers some interesting topics related to running a blog:

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