3 ways keep your vacation memories alive

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Don’t you love that vacation vibe when you travel? And, don’t you wish you could keep all these vacation memories alive when you’re back? Well, I do too and I have some ideas to help you with that. The three things you can do is to..

Make a photo book

The simplest way to remember your vacations is to print all the photos you took in a photo book. I’ve been making photo books for a few years now and shared my tips a while back. When my friends browse my photo books, they love to see how I’ve changed/grown through the years and always make fun of the way I used to look. Because, if there’s one thing I hate, it’s letting all my photos forgotten in a hard drive.

Make a video

My newest passion has been making videos. My friends and I were always into recording small clips where we ask each other questions like “How do you feel about this place?”, “What is the worst thing about this city?” or “How was your day today?”. Sometimes our answers are funny and sometimes serious, but they’re always indicative of our current feeling and the vibe of the trip. I have these clips somewhere in my hard-drive along with all the photos I took. I find the idea of making videos with all these clips really interesting. My first try was a very simple video of my trip in Kefalonia this summer, but I’m sure there’s much more to come. So, maybe you can try that on your next trip?

Organize a thematic dinner party

For my family, food is a big (if not the biggest) part of our vacations. We try to eat most of the local specials and we can recognize/remember a place just by the dish we ate there. When we come back home, my mother tries to recreate the dishes we loved the most. Sometimes she even invites her friends over for a large dinner party. The last one I attended was about Istanbul, where everyone who went to the trip was invited (around 20 people). I didn’t go to the trip, but was there at the party where everyone showed the photos they took during the trip using a projector and shared their memories. My mother cooked her favorite turkish dish (hünkar beğendi) and we were all very happy. If you’re anything like us, you can organize a party, make a slide-show with all the photos and cook local recipes to recreate the atmosphere of the trip.

Of course another way to keep your vacation memories alive is to blog about them, but that doesn’t count, or does it?

ps. Photo from my trip to Aosta in 2008.