Cutting down on caffeine


At the beginning of August I made a big decision to stop drinking coffee. I used to drink up to four cups at work and my body was asking for more. I couldn’t do one day without my caffeine dose and that had to change.

On my first day back to work I didn’t drink any caffeine. The next day my head was killing me, but I didn’t drink any coffee either. The third day, on top of the headache, it was impossible to concentrate. I went home and passed out on the couch for the rest of the afternoon. By that time, I thought it was smart to google how long the symptoms were supposed to last. It turns out that the worst part can last up to a week and that you’re not supposed to quit caffeine cold turkey. However, considering that I’d already been through the worst part, there was no point in going back to drinking coffee.

In a few days things went better. I bought myself some decaf coffee (that still contains a small amount of caffeine) and tea (that also has some caffeine, but not nearly as much as regular coffee). And life went back to normal again. I feel a lot better now that I am not dependent on coffee. I wake up in the morning full of energy, sometimes even before my alarm clock rings and I never experience that horrible headache you get when you haven’t drunk enough coffee. One thing is troubling me though. Most of the coffee places in Trondheim don’t offer decaf coffee, so I’m sticking with Starbucks for now. It’s a bummer, but I can live with that.


Have you ever tried cutting down on caffeine? What was your experience?


  • I typically only drink coffee during the week work (Mon-Fri) and don’t experience headaches if I don’t have some, but I’m definitely tired and unfocused. Chai tea and green tea are great substitutes!

  • Well done about staying on track! I can imagine how hard this must be!!!

    My problem is the complete opposite! I would love to drink more coffee as I really like the taste but my stomach can’t handle the massive amounts of caffeine. At least that is what I am thinking as I’ve never tried decaf… Maybe I should try the decaf version if the taste is the same… 🙂

    • You can find some really good quality coffee, then you won’t notice any difference.