The fall list


This fall I am looking forward to:

Eat: soups

Drink: steaming spicy chai latte

Travel to: a city I have never been before

Visit: my friends’ new house

Wear: boots and booties and warm sweaters

Smell: the fog

Experience: walking on crunchy fallen leaves

Listen to: relaxing music

Feel: mysterious and sexy

Watch: Little England (finally!)

Read:the Norwegian books that I borrowed from a colleague some months ago

Bake: apple crumble for dinner

Buy: a pair of slim black trousers

DIY: absolutely nothing at all

Remember: to take photos

Learn: how to clean the sensor of my camera

Be better at: knowing where to take a break

Play: The castles of Burgundy and Carcassonne

  • great fall list!! you forgot one point: eat Halloween candy! 😉

    • Oh I don’t celebrate Halloween. People in Norway do, but in Greece it’s a completely foreign concept. I would love to experience it one day though.