10 things that make me happy: 10│14


I can’t believe October is over already! Time flew by so fast. It might be that I was (and still am) very busy with work or that the days are smaller now. The list this month could have three times are many entries. I could add a video and a photography project that landed my way, some extra money that I finally got and I am going to spend just pampering myself and my cozy lights that I love more and more each day. Or I could also add going for a night run at 5 degrees celsius in the rain, or watching romantic movies every other night after a year-long pause. The last one I saw was Two Night Stand and it made me long for snow and Christmas. This month has been kind. Here are the things that made it in my list.

– Have my girlfriends over for wine and cheese after work

– Wrap up my day with a warm bath and a blow-dry

– The fact that my faculty got the Nobel in Medicine

– See people going to dress up parties in the street

– Shop for eyeglasses (it’s ridiculous!)

Tahini cocoa spread

– The fact that I can go hiking in 20 minutes from my house

– Buy a new super warm but fitted coat

– Men in suits riding bikes

– When my mind is full of creative ideas

How was your month?

ps. Photo of New York some years ago. I really want a trip.