The travel list


The first trip that I remember in my life: was a trip to northern Greece with my parents and some friends of theirs and their kids. The one part of that trip that I vividly remember is that my parents wanted to cross a bridge that didn’t feel too safe for my 4-year-old self. I cried until they decided a different destination for the day. Sometimes my parents can be too adventurous!

My strongest traveling memory is: from my first trip to Venice. It was a Christmas cruise to Venice and it was so cold even inside the ship. I didn’t want to leave though.

The average number of trips I make every year is: 4-5 trips for leisure and probably 2-3 for work.

As a traveler I would characterize myself as: organized, independent and secretive. I never leave anything for the last moment, I enjoy being alone and I consider it bad luck to announce a trip before I’m back, unless it’s absolutely necessary.

My last trip was: to Greece this summer.

The most unlucky thing that has happened to me on a trip is: probably something that has to do with the car. For broken tires to the car being illegally parked and moved away, everything has happened to me. Thank God, no accidents so far. Just stupidity.

When it comes to beauty products, when I travel I always take with me: some travel size or sample shampoos, my tiny make-up bag, a blow-drier (can’t live without it), some oil for the hair (I swear by Kerastase ELIXIR ULTIME Versatile Beautifying Oil), sufficient number of make-up remover wipes and hydrating cream. The less the better..

If I could only take 3 things with me on a trip, these would be: my iPhone that can multitask as camera, map and travel book, a charger for my phone and a warm pashmina, because you never know.

Before I go on a flight/bus/train, I make sure that: I have with me all my bags, enough fruit and water, earplugs and sleeping mask.

From every place I visit, I always bring home with me: memories. Sometimes I also bring photos. And when I visit Italy, I bring back a massive amount of clothes.

My favorite reading when traveling is: woman’s fashion magazines, celebrity magazines and, occasionally, a great book.

My trusty packing tip that works time after time is: don’t leave it until the last minute. My second-best packing tip is don’t bring as many clothes as you think you need and bring at least two pairs of walking shoes.

Mountain or beach? Beach. The answer would be mountain few years ago though.

My favorite destination is: Paris.

But, if I had unlimited budget I would travel: around the world.

ps. Photo from Torino, few years ago.

  • I have another thing that I always take with me from my travel destinations apart from memories and photos: Food!!! No matter where I am, I am always bringing something to eat home to have some holiday feeling later on at home when I am back! 🙂