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This month has been so full and so crazy. I visited London for the first time and drove to a nearby city to see some snow and breathe cold air. I also had guests visiting from Athens for the last week of the month. I loved seeing my home full of people and eating out almost every night. November was such a great month! Now on to the holidays! In other news, I plan to document December by following this Christmas photo challenge. Are you in? I’ll show you my takes at the end on the year here and on Instagram every day.

– The smell of butter and chocolate melting

– Weekend getaways to big cities

– Packages of things I’ve ordered in the mail

– When my lower back cracks

– Have the best time with guest from Athens

– When I move a recipe from my “Recipes I’d like to try” board to my “Really good recipes I’ve tried and liked” board

– Unsubscribe from mailing lists

– Listen to Greek radio on the way to work

– Take a Wednesday off and drive to the mountains to see some snow

– Kids playing chess

What was the highlight of your month?

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  1. Hey! So cool you will join the photo challenge! Have lots of fun taking pictures and I’M looking forward to your interpretations of the topics! Hugs!

  2. Your month sounds almost like my November!!! I had friends over as well and loved it! I have been eating out a lot and I went traveling a few weekends! I loved November but December is going to be even better!!!! It will be filled with yummy food, a lot of hot tea and a lot of celebrations!!!


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