A day in Røros

Last week, I had some visitors from Greece who really wanted to see some snow and experience the Norwegian cold winter. Since the weather in Trondheim hasn’t been cold at all til now, we decided to rent a car and drive to the mountains and Røros, a medieval looking town. Even though it is only a two-hour drive from Trondheim, I had never been there before. When we first arrived, the temperature was -11℃ and there was a tiny amount of snow on the ground, just enough to satisfy our desire for real winter. After a warm cup of coffee, we spend most of our time walking on the streets and in and out of local shops. The museum of the town is strongly recommended, but we didn’t have any time for a visit as we arrived at closing time. We sat for dinner at Bergstadens Hotel, where I ordered a delicious reindeer burger, before driving back to Trondheim. If you ever find yourself in Central Norway, don’t forget to visit Røros, especially in the winter. If you have more time than we did, then I suggest you try dog sledding. You won’t regret it!













  • Οι φωτογραφίες με το ποτάμι είναι εξαιρετικές!

    • Το τοπίο ήταν μαγευτικό. Παγωμένη ομίχλη.

  • wow!

  • I do not like winter but I like the way it makes the world look different when everything is covered underneath ice and snow! This year, I decided to give it another try! Lets wait for the outcome… 🙂

    Your pictures look amazing!!!

    • What I learned in Norway is that you have to enjoy the snow, go skiing (the cross-country type of ski), fishing in frozen lakes, skating on ice, etc., otherwise it’s just unbearable with all the cold and the darkness.

  • Hi, I’ve just stumbled across your blog and I was drawn in because you live in Norway, one of my favourite countries!

    I’ve been meaning to visit Roros for a while now after hearing lots of wonderful things, but I’ve just never been able to fit it into an itinerary. But hopefully I won’t have to wait long and I’ll combine it with Trondheim!