Christmas special


I love lists and I couldn’t miss the opportunity to answer some questions about my Christmas. I arrived in Athens last week and plan to spend two weeks with people I love and friends I haven’t seen in a very long time. Here’s my random Christmas list. Merry Christmas!

Favorite Christmas movie: Love Actually.

Favorite color: Burgundy.

Do you get melancholic during Christmas? I get melancholic after New Year’s, but my name day is on the 7th of January and I usually plan a small celebration. Therefore I don’t feel it for that long.

What is your plan for Christmas eve? A party (or two) and maybe going out for drinks after midnight.

When do you exchange gifts? In Greece, Santa brings the gifts on New Year’s Eve.

Favorite smell: Cinnamon, cloves, firewood burning in the fireplace, tangerines, warm chocolate and traditional Christmas sweets.

Favorite food: Onions stuffed with ground meat, pine nuts and raisins.

Favorite drink: Champagne or tea with spices.

Who cooks the Christmas dinner? If we have a party in my parents’ house then my mother cooks the dinner and my aunt cooks Christmas day lunch.

Favorite Christmas tradition: Listening to Christmas carols.

Favorite Christmas gift: I love to give socks and to get anything make-up related or perfumes.

What about you? Do you get melancholic during Christmas?

ps. Images via Pinterest.