New Year’s Resolutions 2015

With the new year approaching fast, in just two days, I think it’s time to talk about my goals for 2015. A year has passed since the last time I wrote a post like this and as you’ll see not much has changed. I have been successful in some of my resolutions and not that successful in others. That’s life, I guess. Let’s go ahead to see what I wanted to accomplish in 2014 and what’s in my list for 2015.

Last Year’s Resolutions

Keep eating healthy.
I was very consistent in eating healthy in 2014, reaching my goal weight and maintaining in for six months now. The healthy lifestyle I’ve been following for the last two years has become a way of life.

Run a 5K under 30 minutes and a 10K.
Yes and yes.

Work more efficiently.
I did work more efficiently on some cases, but not so much in others. I’m definitely improving on that aspect, but I still have a long way to go.

Relax more.
I can’t say I relaxed more, but I because more comfortable in my skin and that means less stress.

Have fun.
I definitely had my share of fun this year. I tried things I had never tried before. I am not the most impulsive person in the world and that means that sometimes I miss on the fun.

Be more creative.
I created short movies, honed my photography skills and sewed a new sitting area.

Be more social.
This is the hardest one of my resolutions, the one that’s there, year after year, and will probably stay there. Forever.


New Year’s Resolutions

Find my signature dishes.
Through the past years I’ve learned how to cook some healthy and some not so healthy dishes, but I still haven’t found some signature dishes that are perfect to serve to guests that come over for dinner. So that is a goal for the new year. Entrees, main dishes and desserts that are worth serving and eating.

Run a half marathon.
After the 5K and the 10K, I want to try running longer distances. I hope to make it work without injuries or burnout. But if I don’t, that’s fine as well.

Work smarter, not harder.
Wake up earlier and go to bed on time. Work efficiently in the morning. Easier said than done.

Find balance.
Yoga has helped me a lot coping with changes when I was at my most unbalanced point with nothing to hold on to. I hope I keep getting more balanced this year, with less emotional mood swings and more stability. I also want to find some balance between work and personal time.

Have fun.
Become more impulsive when I need to be.

Be more social.
Say yes to invitations more often and go out more. And finally, get out of that comfort zone.


ps. That half-marathon plan will probably take some time due to a very painful running injury, but one day…