Intimate Paris views

paris-views-02Over the years, I’ve talked about the things I like to do in my trips to experience the cities I visit. From eating something special and going to the theater to renting an apartment (instead of staying at a hotel) and a bike to running a race, I’ve shown you my favorite ways to enjoy a city. But there is one thing that I haven’t told you about yet, not because I forgot, but because I feel a little bit guilty about it. I like to look into people’s houses, their open windows, to see what they do, how they live their lives.

I don’t know when it all started, but I remember myself in an apartment in Paris as a 16-year-old looking at the guy living at the apartment across the alley who sat by his window to take a smoke after having cleaned the apartment every Wednesday night. Through the years, I’ve turned it to a habbit to watch other people’s lives through open windows in many cities around the world, but keeping in mind that maybe this is a little bit weird. Well, it turns out there are many more people doing it. American photographer Gail Albert Halaban took pictures of intimate domestic life in Paris and New York and you can see them all in her books, Paris Views and Out My Window. Isn’t it very tempting?

Have you ever tried it?

ps. I took this photo in Paris a long time ago. Turns ous I’m not the only one!

  • I try not to, but I love seeing people’s homes. When I was young, my mom and I would go decorator homes and look around. It’s one of my favorite memories.