Things I want to change in my kitchen





I’ll keep it short on this gloomy Wednesday and list all the things that I would change in my kitchen if I could and money were no object.

I want a bigger fridge, a freezer and an ice-cream maker.
And a bigger pantry with a self dedicated to all the different types of flours that I have.
And more casseroles, pans and cookie cutters in cute shapes.
A fancy vintage-looking mixer in a fun color, a Nespresso coffee machine and an orange juicer.
I want a sufficient number of white cabinets.
I want more counter space and less clutter.

How does your dream kitchen look like?

  • My dream kitchen is huge, with black or grey cabinets and in the middle a vintage wooden table big enough to host Sunday brunches.

    • Oh yes! A big table! I want that too!!

  • My dream kitchen is, of course, huge and filled with natural light. It will (because it’ll be a reality in the upcoming months!!!) also have open shelves, subway tiles, dish drawer plus a big big fridge and a big big pantry!

    • Ohhh! I am sooo happy for you!! 🙂

  • Your kitchen looks so pretty! I also want a mixer in bright fun colour! I would appreciate more counter space as well, but I don’t think it will happen in the near future..