10 things that make me happy: 03│15

March was a fast month. One week in Paris, one week on sick leave (without a voice), a weekend in Stockholm and then way too much work and deadlines. It was a very fun and social month (I’ve been kicking ass of that new year’s resolution). I did things just because yolo and it felt good most of the time. Living life to the fullest, right? Now onto Easter vacations…



– When I know the lyrics of Norwegian songs playing on the radio

– Live in the same apartment with 9 other people for a week (so much fun!)

– Group selfies with the GoPro

– Paris (in the morning, afternoon and night)

– Movies filmed in Athens

– The fact that I understand Swedish and can communicate with my Norwegian

This song and this song

– Get lost in Stockholm while it snows

– Season 3 of House of Cards

My first real spring run

What made your month?

ps. I’ll be signing off this week to spend time with my family, so have a great Easter!

  • Hahaha I love this!! Impressed with your lyrical language knowledge! Happy Easter to you as well xx

  • Oh my Paris. So gorgeous.

  • Fun post. Hooray for Season 3 of House of Cards! Dropping by during the Thursday blog hop. Sue

  • Sorry you have been sick…but your journeys sound amazing. Thanks for sharing with the Thursday Blog Hop!