Hostess gifts

Whenever I have an invitation to dinner/gathering, I am the person who ends up putting two beers in a plastic bag few moments before running out of the door (and is usually very late). This year, I don’t want to be that person anymore. It looks so much more put together if you bring something that looks planned. It doesn’t have to be something expensive, it just has to be intentional. So today, I’ve put up a list of things that I would really like to receive as a hostess and think would make great hostess gifts.


Nail polish
I find this one the best hostess gifts. In fact, it is very much appreciated when someone gives me a fancy nail polish.

Hand cream
In case your hostess doesn’t paint her nails, then maybe she will make use of a good hand cream. It’s one of the things you can never get enough of, especially in the winter (yes, even in Greece). This is my favorite one from the tens I’ve tried.

Homemade chocolate truffles
What’s better than a gift made with love? This recipe calls for only 4 ingredients, none of which is sugar, and it’s hands down the most delicious truffles you’ll ever try. Plus, it’s so easy and it looks so elaborate.

A bottle of your favorite wine
Everybody loves a bottle of good wine. Bonus points, if this is your favorite one and there is a story behind it. Lately, I find myself preferring Pinot noir and Pinot grigio varieties. You?

I’ve said it before. Flowers can make every hostess happy. You can make it fancy or simple, it’s your choice. Whatever you do, remember to write a note with some kind words. That will make her smile.

What is your go to hostess gift?