Jamie’s chorizo carbonara

This week’s recipe is one I rarely eat. I rarely eat pasta, let alone carbonara, but cooking through Jamie’s book I had to give his version a chance. Jamie’s carbonara is a healthy one, with yogurt instead of heavy cream and just a tiny bit of cheese and it is delicious anyway. He also suggests complementing pasta with a green salad with clementines.

Weekly meal planning became way easier since I started cooking through Jamie’s cookbook. I wake up every Saturday morning trying to decide which recipes I want to try the coming week. I have to be honest and say that I’ve cooked more than you’ve seen on the blog, but I’ll get to show you everything, one recipe every Wednesday. I just don’t want to overwhelm the blog with recipes.

jamie-chorizo-carbonara You can find the recipe here!

As I am trying to eat as healthy and clean as possible, I decided to swap normal pasta with a wholemeal version. The taste is more or less the same, but it has more fibers. Nothing too revolutionary, I’m afraid.


As always, I loved using fresh rosemary. It was a nice touch that made the whole apartment smell like I’ve been cooking something delicious (which I actually was). I made a mistake in the sauce. I didn’t dilute it with enough water as Jamie suggested, but it turned out good anyway. It would have been much creamier, had I not made that mistake. Live and learn.



This green salad with clementines and pine nuts is the best and easiest salad I’ve ever tried. It’s take literally 5 minutes to put together and the vinaigrette has only three ingredients: olive oil, vinegar and honey. Nothing beats a three ingredients vinaigrette. Since I first tried it three weeks ago, it has become my go to salad. I’ve once made it as a side to an oven omelet and a mushroom tart. As a bonus, it looks so good on the plate, with the contrast of purple and green leaves and orange clementines.


Will I make this again? Yes! I’ve already made the salad a couple of times and I am definitely going to make the pasta again!


What is your go-to salad? Mine used to be this one, but it lacks the simplicity of my new favorite.

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  1. this looks so wonderful and fresh. Pinned! xo

  2. Chorizo is huge where I live in San Antonio…this would be a city favorite! Thanks for sharing with the Thursday Blog Hop!


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