40 facts about my trip to central Europe

In February/March, I went on a long trip in Central Europe. I’ve made so many posts about my trip, but this is a review of the facts, what I loved, what I hated and what I regret. In between, you’ll see photos from Paris, Leuven and Brussels. Here we go..


Number of countries and cities visited: 4 countries (Germany, Belgium, France, Denmark) and 5 cities (Tübingen, Leuven, Brussels, Paris, Copenhagen)
Number of flight and train segments: 5 flights and 10 train rides
Number of people I met for the first time: 10 (and counting..)
Total duration of the trip: 16 days
Total cost: Still debating on that…




Total number of pictures and videos: 1745 and 22,8 GB
Number of toilets in the apartment we rented in Paris: 1 (for 10 people!)
Number of selfies #nomakeup #justwokeup #nofilter: Hahahahahaha, no comment!
Number of red lipsticks bought: 4
Best dinner: An entrecote with pepper sauce


Favorite buy: 85% cocoa chocolate from Marcolini in Brussels
Favorite sound: Habits and Chandelier
Favorite car ride: From Tübingen to Reutlingen and back, several times
Maximum amount of sleep in one night: 7 hours
Minimum amount of sleep in one night: 3 hours


Best coffee: Café gourmand, a cappuccino with a panacota, a cheesecake and a chocolate bite-size cake
Best memory: The bike ride in Versailles
Most tasty food I tried: A homemade omelette that my friends made for breakfast one morning
One thing I regret most not doing: Visiting the Eiffel Tower and Jim Morrison’s grave, but there’s always a next time
Worst memory: My flight getting cancelled and, at the same time, me losing my voice and my bag


Favorite scent: Belle de Nuit by Fragonard
Favorite street food:
Falafel at Marais
Favorite night out: A Wednesday night in a bar in Tübingen with the cheapest drinks I’ve drunk in a while
Most spontaneous thing I did: Getting a haircut from a neighbor in Leuven
Most kilometers walked in one day: 9 according to Google maps, from Pompidou to Marais to Père Lachaise cemetery and then around canal Saint-Martin




Favorite obsession: Colorful meringue kisses and drinking chocolate on a stick (in Brussels)!
Least favorite (inedible) food: A salad with duck breast and no dressing (in Tübingen)
Most fun museum visit:The Louvre, where we spend hours taking the most stupid photos and got told off repeatedly, but didn’t care at all
Favorite pair of shoes: My Nikes! They make a statement: I don’t care about style, all I care about is comfort..
Best night sleep: In Leuven



One thing I regret most doing: Slapping someone in the face
Best compliment I got: About my eyes and my gaze
Most exciting thing: Traveling with Thalys (such a nice train!)
Weirdest thing in my luggage: 2 kg of apples (don’t ask!)
Favorite hashtag: #yolo




Funniest moment: When I burst out laughing during a lecture, where the audience was completely silent and the person next to me was obviously sleeping
Most illegal moment: Riding Paris metro without a ticket (oops!)
Second most illegal moment: Driving through red lights that took forever and a day to turn green in Germany
Number of people I met that I hadn’t seen in a long time: 5 (and counting..)
Most extreme weather conditions: Snow in Germany and 18°C in Paris

And that’s a wrap! I came back from Canada on Saturday and I’ve been catching up on sleep ever since. Can’t wait to show you more photos from the places I’ve visited. There’s more to come!

  • Sounds like a good trip,.. slapping someone and taking 2kgs of apples in your suitcase? I don’t see why not.. haha
    PS I need to go to Belgium!

    • It was one of the best of my life. 🙂 I ate most of the apples and I apologized for my unappropriate behavior, hehe..

  • This is a great little roundup. Love all the particulars about your trip shared in a short format, with pictures interspersed throughout. Made for some fun reading!