What happens in Toronto

This weekend I celebrated my birthday in Berlin. I’ll be back soon with more photos from sunny and warm Berlin. But for now, Toronto!

At the end of May, I spent ten days in Toronto. I went there for work so there was not much time for photos. I’d rather catch up with my friends, go for a run or sleep on my free time (not that I did enough of the later). I will be honest and I’ll admit that I wasn’t very impressed by Toronto. I’ve heard that Montreal is a much prettier city, so I want to visit Montreal as well at some point. I booked an apartment through AirBnb in the center of the city and I stayed on the 23rd floor. The view was breathtaking, especially at 5 in the morning when I got to see the sunrise. If there’s one good thing about jet lag is this and the fact that I got to run really early in the morning. Another great thing was that Icelandair upgraded my seat on both flights for free, so for the first time I got to fly long distance on a very comfortable seat and with many people asking me if I need anything every 5 minutes. In general, I had an awesome time in Toronto because I met my best friend that I hadn’t seen in a year and some other friends. It’s so strange that we all live in different countries and met in Toronto for a week. It was so much fun seeing them again and I already miss them. Have you ever been to Canada? Next, Niagara falls…

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  • I’ve never been to Toronto but my husband has and even my son has been with my parents… I guess I’m the lone man out! I have heard that Montreal is prettier but I heard Toronto is fun city to party in? This is coming from a group of single guys lol. Thanks for linking up on Travel Tuesday 🙂

    • Oh it is a fun city! I had so much fun going out at night! 🙂

  • The sunrise photo is really beautiful! I always want to wake up for sunrise photos in theory…but in reality that’s usually a little early for me 🙂

    • Hehe, this is where jet lag becomes useful! :p

  • I really loved Toronto!! It seemed very clean when I was there – the air was crisp and fresh and I was there when they open all the arts institutions to the public, so that was really cool!! I love your overhead pics – such a beautiful view!

    • I liked Toronto as well for all the options you have when it comes to going out, the art etc., but I didn’t find the city itself beautiful. It’s probably though because I am very used to the European style of cities.

  • Toronto hasn’t exactly been on my travel bucket list so far but it looks really pretty on your pictures!! And I’m impressed by you going for a run even when you’re on a holiday!! I’m just tooooo lazy….

    • Running is a routine that makes me feel good and at home, so I like to spend half an hour (not more) when I am traveling and it makes such a big difference to me. 🙂

  • I’m impressed with your running! I’ve heard good things about Toronto, but have only passed through. I adored the West Coast/BC though, so it would have to do really well to surpass those in my mind!

    • West Coast? Never been there, but it’s on the list! One day…

  • Marie-Pier

    If you ever visit Montréal, I want you to come home so I can make you discover THE best city in Canada: beautiful Québec! 🙂 I could be your private guide!

    • Thank you! I will come for sure sometime soon, because my best friend lives there and I miss her terribly! I will let you know for sure :)! (Also, if you ever come to Norway, I’ll be glad to show you around!!)

  • Gorgeous photos! We’ve been to Niagara Falls and on our way back to the States stopped at the Safari Zoo. Thanks for sharing with Thursday Favorite Things and hope you have an amazing weekend!