Jamie’s poached fish

One question I get all the time by my friends is whether Jamie’s recipes are actually feasible in 15 minutes. As I’ve said before, maybe they are for Jamie, but for me definitely not. I like to clean as I cook, so that I don’t have a big hot mess when I’m done cooking. I like to cut my ingredients on my own instead of using a food processor (because I don’t own a proper one). And sometimes, I like to sip some wine, put on my favorite Jazz tracks and dance a little bit in the kitchen. Jamie doesn’t do any of that and that’s fine. He has a crew cleaning after him, a great food processor and he’s there to cook, not to drink. So no, they’re not 15 minute recipes. They’re more like 30 minute recipes for me, but that’s OK. I’ll still cook through this cookbook and I keep loving it.

This week’s recipe is a poached fish that I cooked some time ago. I like how convenient they are and how easy it is to plan my weekly meals with them. Some weeks I can make up to four recipes from his books and other weeks I’m just too busy to explore new recipes and stick to my old staples. So, poached fish…


This was my first time poaching fish and I loved it. It is a very convenient way to cook fish. I’ve since found another nice way to poach fish in my french cookbook and I’m sold. Poached fish is my second favorite way of cooking fish, a close second to grilling it in an outdoor grill.


Another crucial component of this dish were the eggs. Four perfectly oven-baked eggs with truffle oil, parma ham and parmesan cheese. I am no stranger to baking eggs in the over. It’s the easiest dinner ever for the days I’m starving and my pantry is empty.


Truffle oil elevates this dish. Truffle oil is one of these ingredients that I had for a long time but was scared to use. I just didn’t want it to go to waste, so I didn’t use it at all. Now I am very happy I’ve found a way. Fancy ingredients can be intimidating some times.


This dish couldn’t be complete without the tomato bread. Add few dried tomatoes, some garlic, balsamic vinegar and fresh timian (well in my case dried one) to a bread slice, bake for a few minutes and you’ll have a great appetizer or a delicious bread to accompany your dinner. I didn’t take Jamie’s approach and didn’t use a whole loaf of bread, because we’re not huge bread fans in my house. Although we could become, if we used this recipe.


I left asparagus and spinach soup for the end. I love asparagus and eat it whenever it is possible and this recipe is one of my favorite ones for this reason. Now I have another way to eat asparagus in my repertoire.


All in all, this recipe was a keeper. I loved how healthy and delicious it is at the same time. Will I make it again? Oh, yes!

Have you tried poaching fish?