A walk in Nancy

August is here and I’m finally done editing all the photos from all the places I went to this spring. I know it’s been so long since, but I’m sure you’ll enjoy the photos anyway. Today, we’ll begin with Nancy…


The good thing about road trips is that you get to see many different places in a very short amount of time. They’re packed with all sorts of interesting sights among the thousands of kilometers that you might have to drive. One night we slept in Nancy, a lovely city full of students. We didn’t have so much free time to walk in the city and the weather was so cold and so rainy, but we saw the center of the city, met some locals and enjoyed a cup of vanilla tea. Oh, yes, and some macarons. Because here’s a nice info you might be interested in, Nancy is the place where macarons originate from. The ones we bought were the real deal. Truly delicious!









  • I love that architecture! Definitely looks French, haha 🙂

    • I know! It’s a typical north-easten French city! 🙂

  • That’s so awesome that Nancy is the place that macarons originated from, and I’m sure that they were to die for!

    • Oh yes, they totally were!

  • Oh wow, this town looks so pretty! It seems that all the French cities have a similar “look,” because the pictures reminded me of Paris and Versailles.


    • Isn’t it amazing how pretty these towns look? I love this type of architecture!

  • A very cute place! I definitely just learned how Nancy was where the macarons came from – what a lovely fact 🙂 Hope they were delicious!x

    • They totally were! 🙂

  • So pretty and totally French, I love it! How were the macarons? They are my fave!

    • Very fresh and delicious! 🙂

  • Wow, this looks straight out of a dream! So so beautiful and magical! I’ve never even heard of this place but I think I would love it! I bet it’s so so beautiful in the wintertime as well!

    • They’re a river in the city, that is really pretty when it’s not raining. Maybe next time I’ll be more lucky weatherwise.. 🙂

  • I love your pictures of your trip to Nancy. I love macarons and enjoyed that fact that Nancy is where macarons were invented! How fun! Linking through Thursday favorite things!