Running plans

As I was sitting on my laptop few months ago, I clicked on a link about FitBit, the activity tracker, one thing led to another and there I was looking at activity trackers and running watches. I’d been thinking about it for the past year, but haven’t been brave enough to buy one yet. I just couldn’t justify the expense. It seemed like a crazy amount of money for yet another hobby. Then a friend said that if I really wanted to get faster, I should follow a specific training schedule and buy me a running watch to monitor my heart rate. So I looked a bit more into it and it happened that a friend of mine had bought a fairly nice running watch few years back on a Black Friday thinking he wanted to start running, but ended up never using it. He offered to give it to me and I was thrilled. So few days later I had a brand new running watch with a heart rate monitor and some other nice gadgets that came with it.


When the summer came and I was done with all the traveling and back to my base in Trondheim, it was time to make a proper running plan. I decided to work towards a faster 10K. I found a plan that suggests running four times a week. After a couple of injuries this winter, I decided to work towards my goals safely and follow a proper running plan. Here’s what my plan looks like.

Plan adjusted from

Of course this is a 15-week plan and I know that some weeks I won’t be able to follow it, but I’ve decided that when this is the case I will re-do the last week. I’ve already done the first four weeks of the program and by the second week I felt right back in shape. Can’t wait to see where this gets me!

Do you have a FitBit?


to-run-is-to-liveTo run is to live.

  • What a generous friend. I would love to follow your running adventures. I have a fitbit myself, just to see how much I would use it before investing in something a little more substantial.

    • I’ll keep you updated on how my running goes!

  • I’m on my second Garmin and love it. It’s great for working on my pace and just for tracking run distances without having to plan an exact route before heading out for a run. I hope you enjoy yours. I like your 10k training plan. I may have use it!