Things I’ve learned from yoga

When I fist started practising yoga two years ago, I didn’t expect there would come a day that I would like it as much as I do now. Don’t get me wrong. I’ve always liked it, but now I like even more than I’ve ever liked any type of physical activity. Apart from all the well-known physical benefits of yoga, I have also gained some valuable information about myself and my body.


Some days I can concentrate and some days I can’t. And it’s fine either way. As I practice more and more yoga, it’s easier to concentrate and to do the whole routine on my own in my living room having just a paper with notes and positions as guidance. I know how to breathe and which muscles to stretch. Sometimes, however, it’s hard. My mind is somewhere else and I can’t bring myself to concentrate. This is the hardest part of yoga.

One of my hips is way less flexible than the other one. And it may never get as flexible. Or, it may also never get more flexible at all. It’s too early to say. What I found out is that this is very common. And, again, it’s fine.

I may never be able to do the lotus pose. As a result of my hips inflexibility, it is possible that I’ll never be able to the lotus pose. I’ve heard that it can take from a month, or less, up to many years for people to master it. I’ll be just as good yogi regardless.

Practice makes perfect. This rule applies everywhere, as well as in yoga. I see myself mastering positions and progressing every week. I’m still correct myself in downward dog and this may not sound promising to you, but one day I’ll do it perfectly. I am confident that I will.

I want to learn how to teach yoga. This last one came as a surprise to me as it may come to you. I’ve never been the one to like physical activities, let alone become an instructor. But one day I found a course to become yoga instructor and even though that specific one didn’t work out for me, I’ve been looking for the perfect course. Will I ever become a yoga instructor? That I don’t know for sure, but I sure want to give it a try.

ps. This is so inspiring!

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  • I really, really want to start doing yoga. I am a total stresser and sometimes get anxiety and I feel like yoga would help me. Plus it’s a good workout. I’ve only done it a few times (and loved it). Any recs on any at-home apps or videos for beginners?

    • There are a million videos on YouTube. I think something like this is a good easy beginner practice. If you want more technical details on how to master poses and some more yoga workouts, my absolute favorite is Kino MacGregor. You can find her channel here She has the best tips on how to slowly work towards difficult poses and even my yoga instructor suggested watching her videos and follows some of her teaching techniques. Unfortunately, I haven’t tried any yoga app. I use an app called Nike Training that also includes some Yoga workouts, but I haven’t tried any of them. Hope you find this useful and you start practicing yourself!