How I stopped biting my nails

One of my biggest goals since I was twelve was to stop biting my nails. It took me fifteen years and countless failed attempts to grow out of this disgusting habit. Some of them include bitter nail polish and meditation. Bitter nail polished didn’t work for an hour and meditation kept me from biting my nails for few days at time. Here’s what worked for good.


Paint them

At some point last November I decided to have painted nails every single day, even if that meant painting my nails twice or three times a week. As soon as my manicure started cracking and I became more interested in biting my nails, I took it off and put on two new nice layers of color. I have some pretty colors in my cosmetics collections and I made use of all of them. It took me a month a half to have decent nails.

Get a gel manicure

Then I went back to Greece and I knew I would never keep up with painting them, so I decided to get a gel manicure. This is a treatment that lasts three to four weeks. If you decide to do it, keep in mind two things: you have to get it removed professionally (I learned the hard way) and prices vary a lot. This gave an additional month were I had no desire to bite my nails.

Learn to take care of your nails

Since I’d never had proper nails before, I also had no idea how to take care of them. Therefore I asked the girl who made my nails in Christmas how to maintain a nice shape and how I can do it all myself and she was happy to explain everything to me. Turns out you should never cut your nails, just file them. Few little tips and my nails have never seen better days before.

Quit that habit

By the time I hit the three months mark, I’d already quit that nasty habit of biting my nails. Even if I don’t have my nails painted every single day, I haven’t felt the need to bite them again.

Have you tried quitting a bad habit?

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