When I’m on a road trip, I always look for cute small places to stop and eat lunch. Ermenonville was one of these places during my road trip to France last April. This small village near Paris has a castle named after it, Chateau d’Ermenonville. Had I known that you can stay in the castle for below 100 euros per night, I would have definitely booked a stay there. Now I have it on my list for future visits. The restaurant is also worth a visit. How can you say no to this?





  • The towers are so cute! Imagine what it must be like to live in a place like this!

  • That would be so much fun to stay in a castle! It looks absolutely beautiful!

    • There are so many castles like this one in France. You just have to know where to look.

  • this is such a cute “little” chateau! How much fun would it be to spend the night in there and pretend you were King (or I suppose vicomte).

    • Haha, I would definitely pretend I’m royalty!

  • How awesome that you can stay in a castle for that price! Will keep this place in mind the next time we head to France!