An AirBnb apartment in Berlin

I knew about AirBnb for a long time, but I decided to try it in my trip to Canada in late May. It was a last moment decision that I didn’t think much about. For the price of a cheap hotel in Toronto, I stayed in a luxurious apartment on the 22nd floor of an apartment building with amazing views over the city. So when it was time to book an apartment for Berlin, booking a hotel was not even an option.



In Berlin, I booked a very centrally located beautiful AirBnb apartment that I fell in love with the moment I walked through the door. I mean I could imaging myself moving in there. The neighborhood was full of small shops, restaurants and bars.



Our host was adorable and very helpful with recommendations for places to dinne. She ever found my soft spot for eating organic.



The apartment was barely big enough for a couple in love (definitely no space to fight!). I loved cooking dinner in that tiny rustic kitchen. And I loved the view through the window (the neighbors!!).


The decor was really clean and simple. I would never think of it, but fresh flowers make a world of a difference.


I really enjoyed staying there and I would totally recommend this place if you ever consider visiting Berlin.



Have you ever tried AirBnb? I think I’m addicted.

  • Last year, I had so many great experiences with airbnb but this year has been difficult. Had to contact 20 people before finally getting a place in Copenhagen and people canceled my reservation already twice this year so I had to look for something else…..

    • I’m so sorry to hear that. I hope it all worked out fine in the end. 🙂