5 things to do in Berlin

I’m sure there are millions of things one can do in Berlin, but as a tourist I only had two and a half days to get to know the city and I feel I did a very good job at it. Berlin is a very welcoming multi-cultural city and I immediately felt at home. Maybe it has something to do with renting an apartment instead of staying in a hotel. In any case, Berlin felt like home. Here’s how I made the best use of my time there…

Visit the Museum Island


In the center of Berlin there is an island with five museums. Even if you don’t have time to visit each and every one of them (I guess you have better things to do when the weather is perfect), you can walk around the area and enjoy the views. The garden is romantic enough to sit down with some bubbling wine (or orange jus), cheese and charcuterie. Just remember to bring the camera with you.



Drink a coffee at Cafe Einstein


There are two Cafe Einstein in Berlin, but only one of them is the original one. Go to Cafe Einstein at Kurfürstenstrasse 58, preferably after some shopping at KaDeWe, the famous department store nearby. If the weather is warm enough, sit in the back yard. You can order food, a coffee or a drink and relax in this beautiful setting.



Take a selfie in front of The Wall


It’s not the prettiest place in Berlin, but it’s definitely worth a visit. Berlin’s wall (a part of world history) is covered with all sorts of graffiti and people walk along, stand for a moment and get selfie with colorful artistic backgrounds.

Rent a bike

Berlin is the perfect city to bike in. It’s so flat and bike friendly that even I, who is not used to biking in the city, managed to find my way safely. My favorite ride was the one that went to Charlottenburg palace. You can pick the path near the Zoologischer Garten and bike along the canal (and further on along Spree) until you reach the palace. Then you can spend some time biking around the gardens.



Go for a run

Last but not least, if you have some free time, especially on a Saturday morning before 9, when the city is just walking up, go for a run in the center. You’ll find many people doing the same and you’ll feel like you belong there.

I can’t wait to go back to Berlin at some point. I loved it so much!

ps. Click on the photos to see them big.

  • V. Chroneos

    A very nice narrative extremely informative.

  • Both my visits in Berlin were in winter so i didnt have the chance for running or biking but i would like to add one more visit in your “to do list in Berlin” Monsieur Vuong one of the best a Vietnamese restaurant.

    • I will check it out next time! 🙂

  • I’ve done two of the five, I hope we get to go back to Berlin soon!

  • Thanks for the suggestions! Looks like it will take a while to check out everything Berlin has to offer.

    • I hope you visit soon!

  • Lovely pics! I haven’t yet been to Berlin, but if I do I shall keep your tips in mind!

  • There is an Einstein Cafe at Bern too (since Einstein lived there for a few years) and it is also worth a visit.

    • Oh yes! I’ll make sure to check it out when I visit again!

  • Great idea on the bike. a good way to cover a greater distance and see more if you are time limited. And the park looks lovely!

    • The downside is that you probably can’t do it that easily during winter.

  • I would also suggest doing the free walking tour, you basically have the chance to visit the whole city on one day and it is so informative. But these are awesome suggestions too!

    • My mother suggested that one too. I’ll put it in my list for next time! Thanks!

  • The graffiti on the wall is definitely one of the things that most resemble Berlin for me! But maybe just because I come from a very small town without any graffiti haha 😀

  • I like lifestyle in Berlin, maybe you don`t recommend this place after visit to yout frieds, but everybody here stay with their freedom and it creates a special energy