Things 26 taught me

Photos from the beginning and the end of my vacations in Greece

1: Be patient with people.

Have you experienced when someone is mean to you for no obvious reason? It crossed my mind one day, that maybe it’s not because of me. I didn’t cause their behavior. In most cases, these people are just having a bad day at work or a bad week at home or something going on that I have no idea about. This does not excuse a bad behavior, but it explains it. So I’ve decided to be patient with people, understand that they may be just going through a phase that will be over at some point and give them some space and time. The world doesn’t revolve around me.

2: Nutrition is key to everything.

From feeling healthy to looking good, nutritions is key to everything. It affects our mood, the way our skin looks, how tired or refreshed we look. In the past three years, I’ve decided to eat whatever makes me feel good. Plenty of vegetables and fruit, lean protein, yogurt and tea make their way into my daily diet. I’ve also decided that it makes no sense to worry about eating something “not so good for me” every once in a while, as long as I keep eating healthy every day. And this made a whole lot of difference in my daily life.

3: Exercise helps as well.

Exercise comes second after good nutrition and that is because plenty of exercise can’t fix a bad nutrition. This means that if I eat four donuts in one day, running twenty kilometers the next one won’t make the fact that I ate too much sugar better. Nutrition comes first, then exercise. However, I’ve discovered that exercising regularly (I do some form of exercise at least five days a week if not more), relieves the chronic pain I was having on my knees and my back since I was twelve. This has something to do with having stronger muscles that give better support to my joints and spine, hence I don’t feel any pain. On top of that, exercise gives me a more general feel of well-being and it’s something I enjoy having in my everyday life. Nothing can beat a good run in the nature.

4: Bright red lips make everybody’s day.

This year I’ve learned that wearing a red lip can make my colleagues’ day. The ladies in my office always comment on my clothes and my make up (whenever I decide to put some more efford on it). A bold lip can make my day as well. Whenever I wake up feeling blah, I slap on some nice color on my lips, give myself a big smile in the mirror and everything is a bit better. It doesn’t make any actual difference, but make-up can change the way you feel.

5: Changes take time, but everything is possible

When I first came to Norway, things were really bad in my life and I wanted to change that. I didn’t realize it at the time, but in my mind I made a list of all the things that made me sad or unhappy and decided to change them. Of course, changing everything at the same time is impossible and real changes, not superficial ones, take a long time. From losing the weight that had been bothering me for a long time to changing the way I think about life, changes are difficult and you have to be very determined and persistent to achieve your goals. 26 made me realize of the things that I have in my list and how much I’ve achieved so far. Really, everything is possible.

6: It’s very easy to overbeat heavy cream.

Don’t dispair. Beating heavy cream is something very simple, but there’s a learning curve. I would suggest doing it by hand for the first few times until you understand recognizing the texture your chantilly should have and when you need to stop.

7: Cooking is easy.

In general, when you know how to cook something, cooking can be easy. Spend some time to learn how to properly cook things and you’ll have delicious and effortless dinners.

8: I am becoming my mother.

The way I talk, the way I think and the way I behave in general is very similar to my mothers. Oh my God, who have I become?

9: Traveling is an addiction.

The more I travel, the more I want to travel. I want to go everywhere. When I’m back from one trip, I’ve always have book the next one (and this has been true for the past four years!). I’ve also developed my personal traveling style, my own way to do things. I love AirBnb, I want to run in as many cities as possible and I like renting a bike to move around new cities.

Things I realized I want to achieve it the future:

1. I want to become a yoga instructor (in my free time).

2. I want to take a professional cooking class (if I’m ever out of job for a few months).

3. I want to speak my mind and not care about what other people thing.

Number 3 is my main goal for 27. It sounds easy, but it has a lot to do with the way I was raised and my personality. Caring about what other people think affects my daily life in ways I don’t want and sometimes it makes me very unhappy. This has to change and I have to grow a thicker skin.