The last night of my road trip in France was Reims. Reims is a very old city that was destroyed in World War II. I only had few hours to spend in the city that night, as I had to leave for Paris the next morning to catch my flight. After a short walk in the city, I went for dinner at L’Alambic (a great tip, as I would have never found out on my own). If you ever find yourself in Reims do yourself a favor and book a table in the cellar.








And that’s how this road trip that has been dragging for months and months of posts ends! Let’s see where I end up next!

ps. This is the last post for August. I’ll be back to my normal posting schedule for September. I hope you enjoyed it as much as I did!

  • I love a good road trip! Did one through France myself last summer! I didn’t get to Reims though. Looks beautiful! 😀

  • I loved this so much!! When I was in college, I took one art history class. The thing that stole my heart? This very cathedral! I want to visit one day and stand in the nave and take the same picture you did!!

    • Really? They teach about it? Amazing! I hope you make it one day!

  • Oh wow, didn’t know you were on a road trip. Where else did you go?

    I love the medieval looking architecture in Reims! Would’ve been such great photography material 😀


    • It was a roadtrip near Paris. We went all the way to Strasbourg and we stopped at a small village for the first two days, then Nancy, Strasbourg and Reims (I hope I didn’t forget any city). In between all that, we stopped at several different small places. It was fantastic!