Jamie’s pesto spaghetti

This is possibly Jamie’s healthiest dish from the ones I’ve tried so far. A spaghetti with homemade pesto sauce and steamed fish. It can’t get healthier than that. Oh, well, it can, if you do what I did and substitute normal pasta for a whole-grain version.


Another first for me: scallops. Believe it or not, the first only time I had tried scallops was in a very fancy restaurant in Oslo, where I was served scallops three ways. I wasn’t too excited about it, but it has more to do with how unique scallops are and how I wasn’t used to their taste and texture. However, I was keen on giving them another chance. I wasn’t disappointed.


This recipe calls for a bamboo cooker to steam the fish and the broccoli, which I don’t own and I wasn’t willing to buy, mostly because I have no space to store it and I think it is redundant (considering my cooking habits). Therefore, I had to find another way. Here I present you my metal steamer, left by the previous owner of my apartment.


It took me a while to realize how this thing works and I feel a tiny bit stupid admitting it, but once I did find out what it was, I’ve been using it non stop to steam vegetables. I had never steamed fish before, but it worked just as well. I am thrilled I tell you. Once you’re done cooking, you fold it back in and it takes the tiniest amount of space in my cupboards.


This recipe also includes homemade pesto. I’ve been buying the store version of basil pesto for my fish and pasta dishes, but this is way tastier and it takes no more than two minutes to make. There’s no excuse to skip making my own basil pesto from now on.


I made twice as much pesto just because I like some extra with my fish and I omitted the parmesan. This way pesto keeps way longer in the fridge, in case you also want to make a bigger batch and eat the rest later.


All in all, this is one of my favorite recipes from Jamie’s book. It’s healthy, fast and tasty. What else could I ask for?


Will I make this again? Absolutely, yes! (Maybe even once a week!)

  • Thank you for sharing this yumminess at the Thursday Favorite Things blog hop. Watch for your feature tomorrow. xo