Beaches of Andros

This summer, my friends and I went to Andros, a beautiful island in the Cyclades archipelago. Andros is not the typical Greek island, but it’s definitely worth a visit. It has beautiful beaches, stunning nature and amazing architecture. Today I’m going to show you the few beaches that we had time to visit. We only had my poor car with us, but if the weather permits and you’re willing, you can also rent a boat and visit some other famous beaches that we couldn’t approach.


So here we go.

Tis grias to pidima

The name of this beach is literally translated in English as “the old lady’s jump”, which we found very funny. As we hiked our way down to the beach a guy informed us that the beach next to it is called “the young lady’s jump”, which we found even funnier. This was hands down the best one of the beaches we visited in Andros and is situated near a village called Korthi (photos to come!). The color of the water, the temperature, the fact that there was shade, all that pretty nature. There was nothing wrong about this beach, apart from the fact that you have to hike your way down there.





On the other side of the island, near the town of Andros, you can find two beaches. The first one is called Gialia and it’s prefered by families. There is a nice restaurant by the beach where you can have dinner after a day at the beach. However…



Piso Gialia

The second beach is called Piso Gialia and it has a less family oriented crowd. The beach bar hosts famous DJs all summer long and the party starts early in the afternoon. There’s a perfect atmosphere and everyone is dancing and drinking. The water is clean (most of the time) and the sea is a dream to swim in.





Chrissi Ammos

By far , Chrissi Ammos is the easiest beach to reach. You can eat, sleep and swim there, which makes it the perfect beach when you’re lacking sleep or have a hangover. These nights in the islands can get out of hand. Chrissi Ammos is the place to go the next day. The beach has beautiful sand (that’s what the name of the beach implies anyway). If you go swimming in this sea, you’ll forget to come out. At least that’s what happened to me.




This was the beach that we liked the least on our trip. There are big rocks inside the sea that you can’t see unless you’re already inside and this makes the whole experience very unpleasant.


Have you ever been to Andros? Any favorites?

  • I like the places that are the hardest to access. It means there are less people who’ve discovered and trashed it.

    • I know! This doesn’t apply to Greek beaches though. We take it as a challenge! 🙂

  • Looks like fun! So if the beaches aren’t part of Greece, what are they?