Another place in Andros

This post is all about Korthi, which is just another place in Andros. We went there on our way back from one of the prettiest and most famous beaches in Andros with one of the most uncommon names. This beach is called “the old lady’s jump”, in a literal translation from Greek. In Korthi, we had some fancy Greek tapas while some kids where swimming next to us until it was completely dark. The night came and we had to leave to continue our night somewhere else. Don’t you love these relaxed summer evenings?









  • That’s so funny that the name of the beach is The Old Lady’s Jump! Those appetizers looks fantastic, and, of course, the beach looks gorgeous!

    • I know! It’s even funnier in Greece because the same word can also be used instead of the F word.

  • These tapas look great! And so does Korthi! Greece holiday – one day here I come šŸ˜‰

    • I hope you’ll visit it soon!

  • Oh the food!!! I really miss Greece.

    • I know! I love Greek food as well!

  • Those tapas look delicious!

    • I know! I still think about them…

  • Iā€™m still dreaming about my meals in Greece. These little plates and these views look divine! Nothing better than a calm summer evening šŸ˜€