On homemade cosmetics

For the past few months I’ve been trying to streamline my beauty routine. However, I keep accumulating more creams and waters and masks and things that I don’t actually need or can afford to spend my money on. At some point I decided to use up whatever I had and start using homemade cosmetics for whatever it is possible. Well I can’t have a homemade foundation, but I can have a homemade face and eye cream.


This particular one was made by a friend of my mother! How did she do it? It wasn’t an online tutorial. It was something closer to a seminar provided by the Greek Institute of Agricultural Sciences. They organize all sorts of seminars, some of which are very popular, from oenology to beekeeping to natural cosmetics. And that’s the result. I’ve been using these creams for the past two months and I’m quite happy with them. Would you ever consider learning how to make your own natural cosmetics?

ps. Have you tried extra virgin coconut oil to remove make-up? It works better than any store-bought make-up remover! Plus you can eat it, or use it as a hair mask (which also happens to be the best hair mask I’ve ever tried!).

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