Just outside Athens

Greece is known for its islands, but what tourists usually don’t know is that there are beautiful (and generally cheaper places) to vacation near Athens.


The place I’m writing about today is called Chamolia and it’s just few kilometers away from the airport and really close to Athens. For me it’s the place where I spent half of my summers during my childhood.


With the sea just meters away, I really appreciate that when the night comes, you can listen to the sea.


In this area you can also find one of the most important archaeological site of ancient Athens, the sanctuary of Artemis (the Greek name of Diana), protector of pregnant women and women who had recently given birth.


Or you can just enjoy another beautiful Greek sunset while still swimming in the sea.



Beautiful, isn’t it?

ps. You can find cheap AirBnb rentals in this area, which makes it really easy to spend a few days in the area.