How to travel light: The make-up bag (update!)

It’s been three years since the last time I made this post and there are only two things that I still have in my travel make-up bag (well, not exactly the same, I’ve repurchased a few times since then!). It’s definitely time for a proper winter travel make-up bag update (you can find my summer version here).


I’m again back to not using foundation, unless there’s a special occasion, so I’ve been trying a Clinique concealer to cover up the many spots and acne scars that I’ve got recently, but also to lighten up my under-eyes. This one is not the best concealer to cover up scars, but it works wonders covering up my dark circles, which I tend to have when I travel for work. When I’m done with it, I’ll probably repurchase my classic Clinique Line smoothing concealer. I’ve been trying some other concealers lately (from MAC), but nothing is as good as my old Clinique concealer.  I’ve recently found out about setting my base with powder and I use Bare Minerals illuminating mineral veil to do so. You need a very light hand to apply this and I usually apply it with a fluffy Real Techniques brush. Recently I bought The Manizer Sisters by the Balm. It’s a set with their best-selling highlighter, bronzer and blush. I use the blush and highlighter shades on my eyes, for a small wash of color on my eyelids. I also use a mix of the blush and my old Clinique powder blush in Iced Lotus on my cheeks. To define my eyes, I keep using my favorite Clinique quickliner in roast coffee. It’s the perfect light brown shade, smudges beautifully and stays put all day long. To finish off the eyes, I’ve been trying Loreal Telescopic mascara in extra black. It’s one of the best mascaras I’ve trying. For once it looks like I’m actually wearing mascara. For my lips, I really like the Rimmel Exaggerate Lip Liner in Eastend Snob. It looks so pretty on its own and I don’t have to worry about reapplying lipstick all the time. Another favorite for the lips is YSL volupte tint-in oil in Drive me copper. To be honest, I bought this because I like putting something on my lips before going to bed, so I didn’t care much about the shade. If I cared I would have probably bought a pink one, but luckily, I got the one that was on sale. This thing is so pretty on my lips, it’s become my favorite everyday lip product. It looks natural but better and makes me feel so great, which has never happened to me with any other product and therefore, it’s a great product to carry with me on trips. It’s also extremely expensive, so there’s that.

Even though the list looks big, this is my best 5 minute make-up look. It’s what I’ve been wearing all the time these days. I love my  make-up routine so much and I finally feel that I’ve found what works best for me. What’s your all time favorite make-up product?

ps. I spent this weekend in London and can’t wait to share my photos with you! 🙂