5 things to do in Trondheim during winter

This January in Trondheim is full on winter. We’ve got temperatures down to -20 Celsius and a great amount of snow. It’s the proper time to stay inside, drink hot chocolate and relax. Just in case you find yourself here and feel like you want to explore the city during the winter, here are 5 things I would recommend!

Visit the folk museum and eat at the Tavern.

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Just a quick bus ride from the centre of Trondheim, Sverresborg is Trondheim’s open air folk museum. In case you’re not familiar with the open air museum idea, which is very famous in Scandinavia, it’s a collection of houses from the surrounding area. Some of the houses are original (and were moved to the museum) and others are new. All of them are historically accurate and the head of the museum has many interesting stories to share about each one of them. A guided tour is the best way to visit the museum. Afterwards, I would recommend dinning at the Tavern, the museum’s restaurant, which offers traditional Norwegian dishes.

Go skiing at Vassfjellet.


Even though Vassfjellet is not an impressive ski resort, it’s the one that’s closest to Trondheim, just half an hour drive. It’s also cheaper than the bigger resorts, so if you’re not after the most impressive slopes and just want to have some fun skiing, then this is the place to go.

Ice skate on a frozen lake (and maybe ice fishing)


I don’t know about you, but for me a frozen lake is not a sight I was used to before coming to Norway. Walking on a frozen lake for the first time was a scary experience that I loved. Ice skating on a frozen lake is even better. Have you ever tried? Trondheim’s lakes are ideal. When it’s cold enough but not snowy yet, you should take the opportunity and go ice skating! If there’s snow on the ground, you can instead go for cross-country skiing and ice fishing (which is more boring than it sounds, but a great experience anyway).

Spend a day at Britannia hotel


This one is not an outdoors activity, but it’s an ideal activity for a cold winter day. Britannia has a luxurious spa which offers several treatments. When buying a treatment, you get a discount entrance to the pool and jacuzzi, so that’s a great way to spend a full day in Britannia pampering yourself and relaxing. It would also be a great idea for a girls day or even a date.

See the northern lights


Even though you have to be lucky to see the northern lights in Trondheim, it is a definite possibility during the winter. This is not something you can plan, but this app will give you a hint about the current activity and weather, so that you know if there’s even a chance. You won’t regret it!

What are your favourite winter activities?

  • gorgeous pics!!!! I would loooove to visit that part of the world one day! It always makes me feel creative seeign the pictures, I can only imagine how inspiring it is to live there!

    My fav winter activity – staying warm …. lol. I live on the Canadian prairies, much of this week was -41C

    • -41!!! That must feel really cold! I’ve only experienced -20 and I’m not that curious to find out what happens below that. 🙂 I hope you visit Norway one day!

  • Good lord it is beautiful where you live! I think it’s worth the little extra cold. Maybe? 😉

    • Norwegians say there’s never too much cold, just too bad clothes! Norwegian nature is totally worth it all year round.

  • I have always wanted to learn how to ski. One of these days I’ll get to visit Norway.

    • If you come to Trondheim, we’ll have to get a coffee together and show you around. 🙂

  • The closest ski resort is only half an hour away???This makes me jealous … 🙁
    I ll add Trondheim, in my travel list!!

    • You should, but not to your skiing travel list, unless we’re talking about cross country skiing! 🙂

  • Love the pic of the Northern Lights!! And I’ve been to the open air museum during my student exchange to Trondheim and totally loved it! Have yet to learn how to ski though, haha 😀

    • Maybe it’s time to try cross country skiing! I’m sure you’ll find a great teacher. I thought it’s popular in Germany as well. 🙂

  • How beautiful in spite of the frigid temperatures!