Effortlessly Transition Your Winter Wardrobe Into Spring

Spring is just around the corner, but the fluctuating temperatures might be hindering clear outfit choices. Although now is not the time to don flouncy warm-weather fashion, you shouldn’t let the fickle climate get you down. Luckily, I have some excellent suggestions on how to effortlessly transition from winter to spring without looking like your ensemble is out of place. Below you’ll find my top picks for the perfect in between outfit styling.


Gradually incorporate bright colors into your winter wardrobe as you transition into spring. Glamour touts accessorizing as one of the best ways to inject some happy, springtime hues into your look. Scarves, belts, shoes, hats, and handbags are just a few suggestions. The Michael Kors Rhea backpack purse pictured above is on-trend in more ways than one. Not only does it add a welcome pop of pretty color, but it also resembles the Pantone rose quartz hue of the year and the welcome elements that have made a comeback from the ’90s fashion era.


Continue to layer, but choose lighter elements so they can be shed if the temps start to rise. Lyst recommends cardigans as great transitional options, because they can be pulled over top a thinner tank or tee. They’re also lightweight enough to withstand another outer layer, like a medium-weight jacket. The beautiful light gray V-neck cardigan pictured above from J. Crew is a lovely example of a lightweight cardigan featuring subtle stripes to inject just enough style without detracting from your outfit as a whole.


Choose a really great pair of medium weight trousers that can be worn whether it’s warm or cold. Plan to pair them with a short sleeve sweater and platforms, but have your outer layers nearby, like a spring inspired jacket, in case it gets cold at the office or while out on the town. The black cotton blend flared trousers pictured above from Joseph are perfect for winter-to-spring transitioning and for wearing with a variety of tops and shoes.


InStyle says ponchos are a must for easy winter-to-spring wardrobe transitioning. These laid-back layers offer instant style without a lot of fuss and can be layered over top of light long sleeve tops, tanks, or tees. They also look great with accessories, like long necklaces and an arm full of bangles. The beige Corinna poncho pictured above from Baukjen is a nice knit to add to your collection. The neutral color will go with nearly everything and the lightweight look and material blend is just right for layering.

Before spring has sprung, take some time to plan out your wardrobe to ensure that you stay looking stylish as you transition from frigid winter weather into warmer temps. Keep in mind that color, light layers, and medium weight items are key to looking hot and staying comfortable based on the elements. I hope you’ve enjoyed my picks for winter-to-spring wardrobe transitioning. It should have you well on your way to maintaining great style even during those in-between moments.

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