10 things that made me happy: 01│2016

Halfway through January, I hit my toe pretty badly on the foot of the bed. The foot of the bed survived the crash unharmed. On the contrary, my toe became red and later on black and hurt a lot. I had to say bye-bye to my half marathon training and the plan of running a half marathon in March, but that’s fine now. I was sad for a day and then I saw it as a sign that it’s not meant to be right now, but I can always pick it up when I’m feeling better, which should take about four to eight weeks. In other words, soon-ish. Due to the lack of intensive half-marathon training, I had some more free time to spend relaxing by doing my guilty trashy things that you’ll read below. Please don’t be too judgemental!

The other big news of January are happy and personal. I don’t usually share personal details on my blog, but I couldn’t be prouder and happier about my awesome boyfriend getting his PhD degree. I’ve seen him work hard towards his goals, through the ups and downs of research and science. He has been a great example and an amazing coach. Celebrating his PhD defence was the perfect ending to 4,5 years of research. Ladies and gentlemen, we have a doctor in the house. 🙂


Without further ado, here’s what made me happy in January!

– The sound of walking on a thick layer of fresh snow

– Snarking forums about famous (or not so famous) bloggers and YouTubers

– Google Kim K photos

– Celebrate the end of an era (and the beginning of a new one)

– Three course dinners in fancy restaurants

– My current challenge: Find the perfect blueberry muffin recipe (which means I’m not running out of blueberry muffins anytime soon…)

Akis Petretzikis (I went from being not impressed to head-over-heels in love with him, his tattoos and his cooking!)

My beach-y waves haircut

– Cut down my clothes and makeup spending to what’s absolutely necessary (hello wool undergarments!)

– Give alpine skiing a second (actually it’s more like a tenth, but anyway) shot

Which were the highlights of your month?

  • The hightlight of the month was my trip in Istanbul.
    p.s congrats to the Doctor!!!

    • I saw that! I want to go there one day! And thanks!! 🙂

  • Marie

    Congratulations to your boyfriend!

    I made these blueberry muffins a while ago and they are amazing (also Joy is my favorite food blog!) so you should try it 🙂 Actually maybe I should make them today!


    • Thanks and thanks for the recipe! I’ll make it this week!

  • Marie-Pier

    OMG I might just have fallen in looove with Akis thanks to you!!!

    • Ahahahahahahaha, no way!

  • What a great idea to highlight happy moments 🙂 and congrats to the PhD!

  • Ouch, stubbing a toe is so painful! Did your toenail stay on at least?

    4.5 years of research! That is crazy. Congrats on your boyfriend!

    Nat | Dignifiable

    • Thank you! Yes, I didn’t hit the nail, but a bit further back, so the nail is intact. It blows my mind how painful it still is three weeks later.

  • Ouch about your toe! And I love this post. I’m putting in my idea bank when I have nothing else to write about!