10 (more) places to eat in Trondheim

Last year (or the one before it actually) I resolved to eat out more. I don’t always succeed and there are months when I’m feeling it more than others. Here’s the restaurants I tried since my last post. To help you a bit with my descriptions: $ means that this restaurant is relatively on the cheap side and $$ means a relatively middle-priced restaurant. I added the word relative, because food in Norway is expensive, therefore you shouldn’t compare it with food in other countries. I hope you find this guide useful!



Antikvariatet $, quick lunch

This lovely cafe and bar is one of the must see places in Trondheim. There is a library room in the back overlooking the river where you can find all sorts of books and read whichever one you like. As far as food is concerned they offer some light options, like soups and a dish of the day. Some nights there is live music and concerts as well.

Bare blåbær $, burgers/pizza

Bare blåbær used to be Friday’s meeting point after work the first year I moved to Trondheim. You can find a big selection of pizzas and burgers and as a bonus there are many special offers on weekdays. Highly recommended on a sunny day, especially if you can find a place to sit outside.



Tavern $, lunch/dinner

I’ve talked about Trondheim’s folk museum before. The tavern of the museum has the authentic Norwegian food in the city. Nothing too extreme, but really nice Norwegian food.

Bari $, lunch/dinner

Bari is one of these places where you can eat at the bar. Very nice, casual atmosphere. I’ve only tried their burger, but I plan to go back soon.

O’Leary’s $, dinner/sport’s bar

I never thought I would like a sports restaurant, but here I am today admitting I do. O’Leary’s serves burgers and steaks, the american style and they’re delicious. Because it’s a chain restaurant, you can find it in Oslo as well as in several Norwegian airports.

Superhero Burger $, dinner

This is voted as the second best restaurant in Trondheim in Trip Advisor and this says a lot. People claim that here you can eat the best burgers in the city. Everything is homemade. There are always people coming in and ordering, so everything is fresh. Try the chips as a side. They are so yummy! Bonus: You’ll find a big selection of board games for every taste and the place stays open on Fridays and Saturdays until 4 in the morning in case you want to eat something fast but delicious before you head home for the night.



Una Pizzeria $, italian

This is a very casual restaurant in an industrial building. There are always too many people and a very relaxed and fun atmosphere. I love their pizzas, but I also suggest you try the starters. I’ve tried them all and I keep going back.

Ai Suma $$, italian

This is an Italian restaurant in Trondheim, situated in one of those wooden houses overlooking the river. You can ask for a table with a view. I suggest you try one of their 3 course menus that change every week. They’re very polite and will cater any food intolerance or preference. I had a raw salmon starter, wild boar for main course and a cheese plate (to die for) instead of dessert. They were so polite and suggested the cheese plate instead of a panna cotta that was on the menu since I don’t eat sugar and I was instantly sold. Their wine suggestions were also very much on point.

Sushi Bar $$, japanese/sushi

Sushi is not the best thing you can choose to eat in Trondheim, but if you choose to go this way, the sushi bar is great, slightly expensive, option. There is also a take away option and an app that offers discounts.

Sabrura sushi $, japanese/sushi

A cheaper option is Sabrura sushi. It offers an affordable buffet option, where you can eat as much as you want for less than 200 NOK.

After this second round of restaurants that I’ve eaten in Trondheim, I hope you can find whatever you’re looking for if you ever visit Trondheim. Meanwhile, I’ll keep exploring new places to eat in the city and hope to come back with more places to suggest. See you soon!