Jamie’s sizzling chicken fajitas

This was by far my favourite recipe from Jamie’s cookbook and it didn’t look like it would be.


In short this is a chicken and rice fajitas recipe. But it’s more than that, it’s a tasty spicy filling fajitas recipes. Too tasty and too healthy. I’m so happy I found it.


The main part of the dish is chicken with a red onion and two paprika. When everything was cooked, the chicken was served with yogurt and coriander leaves.


The sauce has coriander, lime, balsamic vinegar, soy sauce, tomato and chilli pepper. Fast and easy this sauce complimented the chicken and rice perfectly.


The rice was also very simple to make, even though it looks like a lot of work. It has beans and chilli pepper and it’s seasoned with lime and cumin.



You can choose to assemble all the ingredients in a tortilla, or do it my way. Either way, this was delicious. Will I make it again? It’s already in my favourite recipes folder that I make regularly. You have to try this, I tell you!